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Helen Rollason Cancer Charity
Life Arts are supporting 
Helen Rollason Cancer Charity

We are dedicated to offering care & support to those touched by cancer through the use of complementary therapies, counselling & provision of information

at Life Arts mind body spirit festival
Demian Allan

Astrology and tarot

Dimension to Healing

Shamanic Healing taster sessions, to harmonise & balance the mind, body & spirit

Angelic Energy Skincare Organic

Anti-ageing, holistic & vegan. Individually handmade by holistic aromatherapist & Reiki practitioner Margaret Cary; blending anti-aging plant extracts, vitamins, aromatherapy oils & energised with Reiki water. 

Seraphina Jewellery

Handmade jewellery from Brazil set with semi-precious stones and crystals

Inspired Health Chiropractic 

At Inspired Health Chiropractic we offer free spine checks to assess nerve, muscle, and joint problems. We offer checks to people of all ages.

Sizzling Wellbeing

Simply Naturals products including plant-derived minerals, Simply Curcumin, Weight Loss, Fizzy Vitamins, Krill oil, Vitamin C, PetLife Complete

Aura Interpretations
Aura Interpretations

Aura photos & readings

Just The Spot Reflexology

 Reflexology is a relaxing holistic therapy that helps balance one’s body by manipulating areas of the feet to bring about homeostasis.

Paul King at Life Arts mind body spirit festival
Mystical Messengers

Crystal Healing Pyramids & other bespoke creations to deflect negative energy and bring balance to the energies around you and your home 

joylina at Life Arts mind body spirit festival
Joylina - Living with Soul 

Joylina is an experienced Spiritual Consultant, Teacher & Author offering Accurate, Uplifting, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Angel, Soul, Readings including a 12 month forecast.

Paul King at Life Arts mind body spirit festival
Crystal Clear Holistic Therapies

Caring for your body; caring for your mind.

Paul King at Life Arts mind body spirit festival
Gem Enchantment

 An exquisite gemstone jewellery collection offering beautiful healing crystals to adorn and empower. Presented with love.

Paul King at Life Arts mind body spirit festival
Oils by Jo

The Wonderful World of amazing doTERRA natural and pure Essential Oils that are therapeutic grade.

Paul King at Life Arts mind body spirit festival
European Buddhist Hanmi Association

Buddha Cave - Empowered Meditation and Healing Space

Geovital UK 

Geovital - Radiation FREE Living - Home assessments and EMF Shielding - EMF Reduction Self Help Tips and Advice

Half Moon Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine that serves your overall well-being. Natural and side-effects free, remedies are used to initiate your self-healing response to bring about health and freedom.

Dawn Lucht: Plant Based Nutritionist

Plant based nutrionist and family yoga teacher, helping you and your family become healthier and happier and free of illness.

Soulful Creations

Spiritual textured art work, cards and cushions.

Metin Medium


at Life Arts mind body spirit exhibition

Magnetic jewellery & wellness accessories

Aura Beads

Angelic inspired Energised crystal bead bracelets - Energised for 3 days and nights before Angelic healing is added.

The Feminine Space 
Paul King at Life Arts mind body spirit festival

Tara Perlaki is a kinesiologist who empowers women physically, emotionally and spiritually, specialising in fertility and menstrual health.

The Remedy Room

Independent Mental Health Nursing supported by combining Conventional and Complementary Therapies.

The Angelini Healing Centre
Angel Stand at Life Arts mind body spirit festival

Angelic products ranging from statues to key rings, hanging crystal angels & oracle cards. A lucky dip with proceeds going to ‘Action for Kids’

Ramivana at Life Arts mind body spirit exhibition

Healing sounds & meditation CD's, Musical instruments, healing gong bath, 15 min taster of harmonic sounds that are grounding and relaxing and helping your body to heal itself.

Alison Sheryll

Psychic Medium Clairvoyant /Animal communication. Will link into all areas of your life and connect with loved ones who have passed over. For Pet psychic readings please bring a photo of your living pet 


Crystals from around the world, amethyst geodes, moldavite, and many other rare crystals

Melayne Stone 

Clairvoyant medium & psychic counsellor will put your mind at ease with direct approach, tarot, runes and crystal ball. “No question asked all questions answered”.

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic

 Natural and organic health and beauty products. Organic beauty means beauty made with organically grown natural ingredients, with all their beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

TK Yoga Ltd

Yoga teacher training, holistic practitioner training

LifeWell UK

We facilitates the most life-changing and community spirited transformation experiences available today! If you're ready to experience a new level of wellbeing and freedom in your life, come by for a chat!

Crystal Rock Power

Himalayan salt lamps, selenite lamps & wands, sound therapy tools, pendulum pendants in jewelled boxes, angel wings, Zen gardens, and kid’s boxed geology set .

Heather Andrews Dobbs

Goddess Gowns, ponchos, jackets, designer scarves & Goddess jewellery to complement the garments. Heather Andrews Dobbs

SolRox Ocean Spa Therapy

The healing power of the sea in your hands & feet. An illuminating demonstration of the science of the Sea


Forever Living Products - Aloe Vera for health and well-being. Bach Flower Remedies - for emotional balance. 

Amethyst Moons

Metaphysical and Pagan Gifts including wooden boxes, orgonite pyramids, incense and incense burners, pagan -themed pendants, pendulums, mugs, candles and unusual handmade Altar items

Oakleas Rise

Oakleas Rise with Lesley Curtis

Lesley & Stuart perform original music as 'Oakleas Rise'. They also sell CD's, cards & photos – all items lovingly created between them. A multi-dimensional medium & healer, Lesley also offers readings & healings.

Bright Presence

Plant based supplements to have you feeling on top of the world again and sleeping like a baby. Plus magical events and offerings from Chris.

Kids Hearty Arty

Children's sand art - colouring pictures using sand

Maureenn Flynn
Maureen Flynn

Internationally Acclaimed Medium, providing messages from our loved ones

Journey into Wholeness

Free 15 minute readings of the Jesus Deck, for guidance to identify problems and offer solutions. Designed to enhance personal wellbeing on life's journey

Healing Alchemy

Spiritual Healing/ Ancestral Healing/Tie-Cutting/ Soul History work, relaxation and stress relief. Reconnection to Gaia our Earth Mother. Workshops, Courses and Groups. Healing sessions offered.

Gayle Ritson Harvey Intuitive Spiritual Counsellor/ Spiritual Horse Whisperer

Gayle Ritson Harvey is an International Intuitive Spiritual Counsellor and Spiritual Horse Whisperer with 35 years’ experience.

Spiritual Sapphire

Offering a wide range of holistic gifts

Stepping out of the Matrix

Stepping out of the matrix - return to unity consciousness with Diana Jaritz.

Stephanie King at Life Arts mind body spirit festival
Stephanie J. King - Soulpreneur (TM)

Soul Development Readings & Chakra Balancing, My own books, cards, CD's, workshops & a few doucers.

Tangible Beauty

100% real nail polish appliques. Quick and easy with no mess, drying time or heating needed giving salon look finish. Lasts up to 14 days. 

Paul King at Life Arts mind body spirit festival

We will provide information on current Greenpeace campaigns and how to protect the planet in general.

Henrettas Handmade

I ethically source my gemstones wirework and materials wherever possible and enjoy.

Cosmic Realms 

 Full range of high quality crystals, tumbles, points, spheres, wands, large one off pieces, all hand selected. Plus wooden Crystal grid boards, bespoke crystal jewellery


We welcome you to an emporium of colourful clothing, CDs, books and oracle decks by Hay House authors Barbara and Flavia.

Alexandra Oakes

Alexandra is an International psychic medium, teacher and author.

Hedi Hearts/Happy Cat Coffee

Delicious coffee along with healthy smoothies and brownies.

Rowandell Jewellery & Gifts 

Peruvian jewellery, fairy/fantasy giftware, dreamcatchers, artwork/cards, tarot cards etc.

Angelcloud - Psychic Clairvoyant

Experienced Psychic working to help you understand your everyday life issues and guides you forward on your path.

Crystal Clear

Hand-made crystal wands and healing tools, hand-picked semiprecious stone silver jewellery, crystals and clothing 

Cheryl Sayers

Spirit pathway clairvoyant readings. Learn of your soul path journey of the two worlds and your present, future place in them. Card and stone guidance

Inspired DesignZ 

Handmade crystal hangers, keyrings, dreamcatchers, jewellery, novelty gifts, glass & semi-precious healing crystals. Personalised gift packaging available.

Healing Shores

 Energetic transformation helper

Healing Zen Massage 

A unique blend of deep tissue massage and healing Reiki.

Ancient Purity

Sacred Geometry Products, using the Flower of Life to energise and revitalise water and food.

Maddogg Designs

Crystals, minerals and fossils, some pendulums and small amount of healing jewellery, crystal carvings and geodes.

Feng Shui Pathway

 Feng Shui consultations for home, business & Gardens. Feng Shui cures & enhancements. Feng Shui workshops and talks. House cleansing service.

Dawn Waterhouse - Vitali-Chi

Come and have a relaxing Vitali-Chi treatment and try some of our unique frequency products - I hope you love them as much as I do.

The Willsher Clinic 

Discover what viruses, bacteria and other pathogens may be causing your health problems and how Clinical Homeopathy can eliminate them from your body to heal you.

Inkey Kids 

Musical Mindfulness and Storytime Yoga classes for young children. Fun and engaging wellbeing sessions for kids.

Fairy Face Paint

Transforming faces into any imaginable character. Also glitter tattoos and hair braiding.

Soul Sisters

Multi-retail primarily imported goods from India including wooden items, stone goods, authentic singing bowls, tingsha, notebooks, textiles and vegan candles, incense, salt lamps and other spiritual items.