Life Arts Exhibitor Reviews

Life Arts Exhibitor Reviews

Comment made by exhibitor’s who have attended this year:

“Hi Chris. Many thanks for all your fine work this weekend, the busiest weekend I’ve had this year (over a hundred events) always nice to be number one, well done.” All the best, Dathan – Aromair

Dear Chris. There was definitely something special about this year’s fair. The energy was palpable and must have affected all the visitors as it did all of us. I had a very successful time, as most others appeared to, so I feel you may congratulate yourself for all your hard work, the all-pervasive advertising and the success, as I do.” With love and light, Joanna  Dayton – The Journey’ Therapist

“Hi Chris. I know you probably won’t get this until after your well-deserved rest but wanted to say a big thank you (again) for such a fabulous weekend.  Your ears must have been burning leading up to it and during the weekend as I was telling everyone, with confidence that I was looking forward to a very successful event because of all the groundwork you put in.  If only event organisers were all as dedicated!! Thank you again and see you in a couple of weeks. Xx” Kind Regards, Chris Mutch – Independent Distributor

“Hi Chris,
Hope you are well.  Just wanted to say what an amazing event Sunday was – it was busy from when the doors opened until the end!! It must have taken an enormous amount of time and organisation.  I was busy all day, and I got the offer to work at a therapy centre which I have accepted!  Thanks again, it’s given me a great opportunity! ” 
Best Wishes, Kirsty Thompson – Reflexologist

“Morning Chris Hope you’re recovering from the weekend show! I was fairly cream crackered yesterday so I can only imagine what it must be like for you. But it was a fantastic show, and I enjoyed it even more than last year. ” All the best, Sarah Payne – The Suffolk Dowser

“I’d like to thank you personally for the help you’ve given since I first became part of your wonderful events.  I’ve just completed year one of Health and Booty…much of my growing success is due to the kindness of the many beautiful people I feel privileged to have met on my journey so far.  Heartfelt thanks to you for all you do.
See you soon! Emoji  Namaste. ” Christine – Health and Booty