Family Fun Activities

*All are FREE with exception of Sushi making!

Stardust Yoga


StarDust Yoga will be providing fun for young children with FREE workshops:

  • Yoga Inspired Games - Using games to connect to the truth of traditional yoga.

  • Playful Mindfulness - Let's play to become mindful of ourselves and environment.

  • Acro Yoga - Learn to fly, with confidence!

  • Yoga Journey - Delve into the magic of yoga through guided stories, imagination and asanas.

  • Breathing Made Fun - using lots of props to connect with our breath, through unique, magical and fun ways!

In Key Kids


Fun for toddlers and children with Musical Mindfulness and Storytime Yoga from In Key Kids

Musical Mindfulness

​In Key Kids music classes involve lots of singing and playing percussion instruments, but with the added benefit of introducing the concept of mindfulness through songs and games. Mindfulness teaches children to be self-aware and empathetic and kids learn to listen, share and be kind to themselves and to others.

Storytime Yoga

Classes use stories and songs to keep children interested and are great for improving motor skills, posture, flexibility and coordination. Yoga has also been shown to improve emotional regulation and to help children to feel calmer and happier

Astara Dance and Theatre School

Astara is a local Dance and Development company, based around Chelmsford, Essex, holding regular classes for children and families.

They have a passion to create a safe environment for children to express themselves, have fun and build confidence.

Creative Dance with Charlotte Spooner

Children will be led through positive and creative exercises, dance techniques and many different dance styles including jazz, lyrical, contemporary, lyrical hip hop and other styles from other cultures. All the while, they will be encouraged and supported to express themselves... in the dance studio as well as sharing how they are feeling along the way.

Family Hand Drumming with Andy Franklin

An exciting music class for children and adults to enjoy. Learn music theory through hand drumming from around the world - giving empowering tools to play and perform. 

Bubble Fun


Your children will love learning how to make this fun activity that includes all-natural ingredients from doTERRA



Ever wanted to be a tiger, a superhero or something else entirely? Be transformed into whatever you wish with amazing face painting!

Sand Art


Let's gather the kids and make a sand painting kid craft today! This is a great activity for the whole family. Leone – Kids Hearty Arty - will show you how to make your own sand and then create a sand painting with it. You can also use the free printable as a colouring sheet or a painting project!

Lunch-time Sushi making for everyone!


Would you like to learn how to make your own vegetable sushi for your lunch? Dawn Lucht, is a true health advocate and holds a Clinical Nutrition DipNut and aViridian Certificate in Nutritional and Herbal Science. Dawn will teach you how to make fresh, healthy and tasty sushi!

£4.50 per person, spaces are limited. Suitable for all dietary requirements. This is the only fee paid workshop - enjoy your hand made lunch! 

Zen Doodling


Zen doodling is the art of drawing designs using structured patterns or 'Zentangles'. ... Concentrate on drawing small blocks of patterns at a time; going with the flow lets your mind get into a calming zen - With Sandra Smith.

ALF Drum Studios - Hand Drumming & Percussion


The whole family are invited to take part in playing hand drums and creating a drum circle with Andy.  No experience required, just bring a smile and you will enjoy the focus, positively and happiness hand drumming and percussion can bring - With Andy Franklin.