Life Arts Managers Chelmsford 2018

Life Arts CEO & Founder - Chris Cozers

Chris Cozens is the man behind the success of Life Arts. Founded in 1998, his has moved Life Arts through the years to being the leading mind body spirit events company in East Anglia, with a huge loyal following through UK of the public and exhibitors. “All exhibitors’ are specially selected for their natural holistic, non-materialistic attitude, integrity and honest inspiring nature.“

Team Life Arts Manager - Chris Slaven

Chris Slaven - AKA Mrs Chris – manages the Life Arts support team on eventweekends. Ensuring a friendly, helpful welcome to all the public, exhibitors andparticipants. The efficiency of the information desk and support team is down to hercaring, thoughtful and efficient manner in dealing with all eventualities.

Stage Manager - Giles Bryant

Giles Bryant is a musician and music producer who has run live stage spaces at events around the world. He is looking forward to running the best Life Arts Live Stage ever. He will compere the stage at the weekend, as well as giving solo live music performances with his band The Perpetual Choirs.

I.T. Manager - Ben Steadman

Ben Steadman is our software and website guru says "Sometimes you just need help from a tech-speaking nerd! Just get in touch and I'll do my very best to help!"