Workshops, Talks and Demonstrations -

Woodbridge 2018

Early news of some of the great speakers have lined up - full schedule and details coming soon.

Mediumship Demonstration with Proof Life After Death - Metin Medium

Metin Medium

DESCRIPTION - I was born a medium as was my mother and her grandfather. I give proof of life after death through mediumship.  I validate a loved one in spirIt and once established and evidence is confirmed, the messages are lovingly passed on.

BIO - Metin physic medium, has been delivering messages from loved ones that have passed since the age of 10. He now solely works as a full time medium connecting with loved ones in spirit for guidance and confirmation that there is another side waiting for us all.

Lesley Curtis

Lesley Curtis

How I became a Trance Medium - Lesley Curtis

DESCRIPTION - From singing at 15, touring Europe and abroad professionally, discovering Reiki, song writing, releasing her first album in 2002 and developing into a multi-dimensional channel for Spirit, Lesley has a lot talk about! She concludes with a trance demonstration.

BIO - Lesley became a Reiki Master in 2002. Developing into a multi-dimensional medium, she combines her two great passions - music and spirituality. She has released 7 original albums to date.​

TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) - Marisa  Formicola

DESCRIPTION - An experiential introduction to the practice of TRE. You will be taken through the main principles of how TRE works and guided in how to use it safely as a valuable and effective self-help tool.

BIO - Marisa Formicola is a professional Integral Development Coach and Trauma Release Instructor. In her capacity as a teacher and professional Homeopath for many years, Marisa has significant experience in facilitating self-development and healing in adults and children.

Keith Goodwin at Life arts mind body spirit festival

Keith Goodwin

Re-alignment to Gaia, our Earth Mother - Keith Goodwin

DESCRIPTION - For centuries, as a result of orthodox religious dogma, humanities’ understanding of its’ spiritual nature has become imbalanced, causing an energetic disconnection from Gaia our Earth Mother. Within this workshop, you will experience a re-alignment to Planet Earth through the Chakra System/Human Energy Field.

BIO - Keith Goodwin is an experienced Spiritual Healer, teacher and mentor. He supports individuals to release self-limiting patterns of behaviour, conditioning and trauma from life experiences, ancestral/soul history. For any lasting deep inner work an “Earth Anchoring Process” at the outset is fundamental.​

Derek Savory

Derek Savory

UFOS and Paranormal at Rendlesham forest - Derek Savory 

DESCRIPTION - 1980 Rendlesham forest UFO incident. My own UFO experiences complete with photos. The link between UFOs, portals, spirit, orbs and other dimensions.


BIO - UFO and spirit experiencer, regular radio guest in the UK and USA. Contributor to several books. Frequents MBS and UFO conferences. UFO and Spiritual researcher.

Joanne Hunt

Joanne Hunt

The wonderful World Of Essential Oils - Jo Hunt

DESCRIPTION - The many different uses of doTERRA essential oils and how to use them in your daily life for your whole family at home and at work.

BIO - How I started my doTERRA journey using the essential oils with my family and how I now use them everyday to support many people with their many health concerns. I love helping people in a more natural way with their healthcare.

Mental Health in the Modern World - Suzanne Powell

DESCRIPTION - How to address common mental health problems with the tools you have to hand.

BIO - Suzanne has over twenty years experience as a mental health nurse and Complementary Therapist. She combines the use of conventional drug therapies with holistic approaches to address issues such as depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, digestive problems and low self esteem.

Feng Shui For Health, Happiness & Prosperity -  Jackie Tyrrell

DESCRIPTION - Encourage a good flow of positive energy in your home. Locate your life areas and learn some Feng Shui tips on how to support your health, wealth and relationships by the use of colour, artwork, mirrors, lighting, plants and much more.

BIO - Jackie Tyrrell is an accredited Feng Shui consultant and member of The Feng Shui Society. Jackie has undergone professional training with The Feng Shui Academy and also the European College of Feng Shui.

EMF Radiation in the home - Martin Kingsbury

DESCRIPTION - EMF Radiation in the home EMF Radiation - Ill health - Tips and Solutions

BIO - For over 30 years Geovital have focussed with great intensity on the cause and effect relationship between radiation exposure and its effects on health.

From Grief to Recovery - Sarah Jones

DESCRIPTION - It's hard to know how to let go of the pain following death, divorce or any other loss. Grief Recovery is a practical step by step guide to letting go of the pain, so you can enjoy happy memories again.

BIO - For 20 years I have supported people during difficult times in their lives, helping each one to take positive steps forward. Since my dad died, my focus is to help anyone who is grieving.

Archangels and Healing - Maria Afentakis

DESCRIPTION - I will describe the four main archangels and how one can meditate and heal with them using crystals. 

BIO - I am a professional angelic reiki practitioner and angel card reader. I work with the energies of the angelic realm to heal people with specific chakras blocks and other problems. I make my own ointment essential oils to use when meditating and healing with the archangels. I use crystals specific to each archangel also.