Now that’s my Kind(a) Festival – 10 reasons to visit Suffolk’s Wellbeing and Healthy Living Showcase this September

The Life Arts Suffolk Mind Body Spirit Festival at Trinity Park Ipswich on 24-25 Sept 2022 brings together a whole world of wellbeing opportunities into one enlightening weekend.

Why not show yourself some loving kindness and join us for just a day  - or make the most of our great value weekend ticket?

Whether healthy living is already your chosen path or you’re just mindful that a spot of de-stressing your life could go a long way, there are countless reasons to visit and make a difference. Here are just a few … and a few kind words, from visitors/exhibitors at previous Life Arts Mind Body Spirit events in East Anglia.

1. It’s cool to be kind …to yourself

With its warm, mellow and friendly atmosphere, the Suffolk Mind Body Spirit Festival at Ipswich’s Trinity Park is the ideal place to park life a moment, take a little time out and own a little me-space.

Enjoy. Indulge. Relax. With its five separate indoor spaces featuring a wide range of free ‘taster session’ introductions to movement, meditation and nutrition, soul-soothing therapies and all sorts of inspiration, it’s a beautifully balanced, highly inclusive and a gentle way to explore what appeals or works for you. 

What’s more at just £7 for a day ticket / £10 for the weekend, it’s an excitingly affordable treatWhy not take a friend or two?

“ So glad I went! ”

“ Hands-down, the most enjoyable, fun-filled and heart-centred events bar none! ”

2. There’s more than just food for thought – expect a feast of tasty treats too.

You'll hear alot of talk about energies at this Suffolk wellbeing and healthy living showcase, so it’s only natural that great grazing is all part of the picture.

Think Buddha bowls, cool fruit and veg smoothies, ‘Bake Me Kind’ vegan cakes and tempting tacos, plus refreshingly juicy vitality drinks and even organic ales. Try, buy and pick up lots of great recipe tips to take home too!   

Suffolk Healthy Living Festival Ipswich 2022 - My Kind(a) Food I Find out more»

3. An outstanding array of ethically-sourced, natural, recycled and inspiring gifts.

Live the moment and find the perfect present too! Browse a wonderfully wide range of stands, sharing everything from handcrafted jewellery, gemstones and crystals to artistic prints, pendants, colourful clothing, rainbow-beaded suncatchers, candles and vegan skincare products. Don’t forget a beautiful greetings card to two!

“ A lovely array of diverse stalls and lovely people ”

“ Should have brought more money! Amazing things ”

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4.  Meet some kind(red) spirits.

Come with an open mind, open your eyes to the different and discover the paths that others choose to tread. Enjoy the freedom of a gentle and judge-free zone, focused on knowledge sharing and giving for the good.

Each and every one of the exhibitors and session leaders at the Suffolk Mind Body Spirit Festival has been hand-picked by long-established experts within the Life Arts team.  Across both days of the event, a voluntary programme of interactive classes, talks and workshops will lead you through different approaches to supporting physical and mental wellbeing. You are welcome to participate whole-heartedly, or just observe from the sidelines and join in as you wish.

“ Happy, positive people and fantastic stalls! ”

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5. Give things a go for free.

Make it time to tune into your body and go with the flow. Both day and weekend tickets give access to professionally run relaxation and exercise classes at our Yoga Space. Be sure to come along in comfortable clothes if you think you’d like to take part and if you’ve a yoga mat, do bring that along too. What will you choose? Or will you try them all?

  • Yoga - Relax and unwind with some gentle stretches and get posture positive.
  • Pilates – Discover what your core really means to you as you’re put through some gentle paces, positions and planks.
  • Qi Gong -  Learn what it’s like to move with meditation and meaning.
  • Belly Dancing  - Shake things up a little and feel better for it.
  • Gong Baths – Go on, immerse yourself!

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6. Go in search of some personal insights...

Some people see things differently through intuition, their enhanced senses or psychic connections; others have honed a natural healing touch through holistic therapies, massage and other practices such as reflexology and acupuncture.

Our Readers’ Room at the Suffolk Mind Body Spirit Festival is a dedicated space where carefully selected professionals from the spiritual sphere may undertake one-to-one sessions, offering kind and loving spiritual readings, healing, counselling and life coaching. You can also find out more about mediumship and psychic abilities through our programme of free talks, workshops and demonstrations in our Speakers’ Space.

7. Or suss out some healing therapies.

There’s no better way to negotiate your way through the landscape of holistic therapies than experiencing what each has to offer. Why not sign up for a taster treatment and find out more?

“ The atmosphere was completely buzzing with energy, stall holders and attendees alike. ”

8. Engage with your little ones and enjoy some family fun. 

Whether it’s swaying to the live music together, experiencing the all-encompassing embrace of a sound bath or having a run around outdoors in Trinity Park, this is a festival which nurtures that very precious family time.

Admission to the Suffolk Mind Body Spirit Showcase is free for under 16s, and facilities at the venue make for a stress-free, family-friendly experience. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

9. Enjoy ‘breathe-in’ space like no other. 

New for 2022, The Lotus Room is the place to discover inner peace and true stillness, supported by the guided meditations of our experienced Buddhist teacher. Feel lighter and freer in yourself as your mind and body let go of stress and tension to be replaced by a calming sense of wellbeing. It’s so much easier than you could ever imagine when you have the right breathing patterns, visualization techniques and meditation mantras to hand.

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10. Put a toe in the (icy) water. Feel the heat. Or just lose (and find) yourself in the live music. 

From ice baths to sound baths, saunas to the inspirational works of singer-songwriters and marvellous musicians, simply relax and immerse yourself in all that the Suffolk Mind Body Spirit Festival has to offer!

“ Life Arts have created the best health and healing shows in the whole country ”

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