Acoustic Stage

                                                            Life Arts - Colchester Mind Body Spirit Festival 2019

Performing 1pm Saturday
Peace on our Plate - various artists

Promoting our Christmas single, Peace On Your Plate

Our mission is to achieve the first vegan Christmas number one and spread the message of peace and positively whilst raising money for animal and vegan charities!

Performing Sunday at 11.10am, 12.30pm & 2.30pm

Ruth Anderson - Harp

Ruth will be playing harp, supported by Jim. Both are accomplished musicians used to performing 'live' at gigs - vocals, violin, bass, guitar and harp..

Wayne McHugh

Performing both days at various times

Wayne McHugh - Guitar & vocals

Wayne has been working as a Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Teacher and Life Speaker for many years, channeling and sharing his inspiration with many people through his Clairvoyance, Workshops, Music, Healing and Art.

He will be sharing his music including the beautiful angelic infused tones of ‘The Angel Song’ taken from his debut album ‘Angel Eyes’.  This song has a touching story from one of his many enlightening spiritual experiences he encountered whilst working as a Paramedic.

Performing Saturday at 11.40am & 2.20pm

Dietmar Kennard - Guitar

Dietmar Kennard plays beautiful acoustic guitar.  A self taught guitarist who plays in a style of his own, though influenced by guitar greats such as Isaac Guillory, Bert Jansch and John Martyn, Dietmar has a real love and passion for acoustic music.  Come along for a real musical treat played on an exquisite guitar by one of the regions wonderful guitar players.  Dietmar will be playing some of his original music, songs from Duo Called Life (his band with wife Catherine) as well as a few special treats.

Ian Haywood

Performing Saturday at 11am, 1.40pm & 3.40pm

Ian Haywood - Pianist

Ian Haywood is a composer, pianist and singer-songwriter, with 7 single releases and one piano album. His second album ‘Beautiful Dream’ is due to be released on iTunes and streaming services in October 2019 and he is currently working on a piano and meditation album along with a singer/songwriter album.

He is also very happy to announce that his latest single ‘All I Need’ is out on all music streaming sites and digital stores.

Hit the link to get to your preferred store and let him know what you think of the song! To listen use 'Listen' link below.

He is also promoting his environmental song ‘Beautiful Wild’ on YouTube - watch and listen using our link below.

Performing Sunday at 12pm & 2pm

Chris Chapman - Guitar

Chris’s musical interests started when he began playing the piano at the age of 5.

He still plays occasionally, but guitar has been his passion since he started playing at the age of 9. You’ll find Chris playing a Gibson SG Standard or an Epiphone G-1275 Double neck – both attached to a wide and expanding range of effects pedals. Chris plays in a band, “The Jiggawatts” with is two sons, but is also happy Looping on his Boss RC300 performing his own stile of music, based around the influences of his life (Pink Floyd, Vangelis etc)