Chelmsford Mind Body Spirit & Wellbeing Festival

20-21 May 2023


1)  FREE 

2) Children U16 FREE, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times

Note: Some changes may occur due to organic flow, do check details nearer the time

3) These talks are in the style of 18 minute 'Ted Talks' - in an exciting buzz!

Note: Some changes may occur due to organic flow, do check details nearer the time

Saturday 20th May

Gina Vermilio

10.30am - 10.50am

Taster Cacao Ceremony

Want to know more about Ceremonial Cacao and Shamanic Practice? Join me to share a short taster experience, exploring what a Cacao Ceremony is, what Ceremonial Cacao is, and why and how it is different to Cacao and Chocolate.

Gina Vermilio uses Shamanic Practice, Plant Medicine and Shamanic Drum. She is a Keith's Cacao Practitioner and Course facilitator. Over the last 11 years she has built upon her background in Transcendental Meditation and a BWYQ 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training. She is a mother and free birthed off grid.

Linda Williamson

11am - 11.20am

Does my bum look big in this?

The rice experiment that I conducted that proves how negative self-talk literally physically damages our body and causes disease - and what to do about it.

Linda Jane Williams against the odds Linda survived heart failure 4 years ago by using the holistic practices that she teaches. She tapped into her intuition to root out the emotional causes, owned responsibility for repeating patterns in life and finally learned those lessons! Her journalling turned into her first book.

Sarah Bryer

11.30am - 11.50am

Confidence for Introverted Women

Introverted Women: Unlock Your Potential & Discover the Powerful You! Learn how to build confidence, explore success and unlock your potential. Take action & uncover the true individual inside you!

Sarah Bryer is a coach for introverted women who want to feel more confident in their lives. She has had 20 years experience looking after teams of people in corporate businesses. Sarah facilitates Group and Private Coaching.

Jean Marc

12pm - 12.20pm

Stress Free Living

Our vision of 'home' is very individual; what one thinks is normal, another might see as distressing. Since the lockdown, home has become a place of work, isolation and sometimes even a prison. Today, our living space is invaded by harmful energies and waves (like 5G, Electromagnetic Radiation, Geopathic Stress...etc.), which affect our lives, relationships, and business. Jean-Marc will show you how to remove them and live stress-free.

Jean-Marc Degioanni is a Healer, Naturopath and Nutritionist whose background is in natural remedies, spirituality and health. Throughout his years of experience, Jean-Marc has worked to help his patients by teaching them to re-discover, understand and empower their bodies, health and life in a natural way.

Nathalie Plahuta-Bouveret

12.30pm - 12.50pm

Essential oils: Quality and safe uses

What are essential oils, how are they obtained? Importance of the quality of the plant and method of extraction to obtain the best quality oil which will be safe to use and have strong therapeutic properties. How to use essential oils safely?

Nathalie Plahuta-Bouveret is passionate about essential oils and has created a trusted partnership with a small distiller in France and India to offer very high quality, high vibration essential oils. She's also studying to qualify as an Essential Oils Practitioner.

James Stevens

1pm - 1.20pm

Crystals & Chakra Balancing Interactive workshop

This crystal talk is going to give you a little bit more insight to what you can expect from using crystals in your every day life . I’ll also touch on the 7 chakras an how we can use crystals with our chakras. I will also touch on how Important it is to be grounded and share some of my methods with you. 

James Stevens  biggest passions is crystals. He has used them in his personal life to overcome many obstacles. James would like to share with you how you could do the same. He is trained in crystal therapy & reiki and he loves to combine the two therapies together.

Darren Deojee

1.30pm - 1.50pm

From 'alternative' to native

From Alternative to Native. Come for an ancestral healing and connecting journey. Find the peace and easy grounding that comes from genuine ancestral connection, and understanding that all this 'alternative' stuff is not 'alternative' at all, but really a healing return to our native ways. 

Darren Deojee has been teaching for 17 years. He is known for his transformational, even healing, perspectives on a range of subjects including sound, masculinity/femininity, relationships, language and personal/social challenges. He also has his own range of potent herbal blends.

Wai Cheung

2pm - 2.20pm

Your Power Unleashed: No Magick Req'd

Discover a revolutionary new method to break free from personal limitations and unlock your true potential in this must-see presentation. No years of magick or energy work required! You'll gain powerful insights and a clear path to achieving your goals using this cutting-edge approach.

Wai Cheung is a transformational coach and sought-after speaker who helps professionals align their heart and mind for rapid breakthroughs. Using a unique approach, he empowers clients to unleash their power and find their life's work.

Christian O'Hare

2.30pm - 2.50pm

We Add Heart

HeartMath will help you to transform your stress into resilience, to achieve higher levels of performance and to live your life with more heart, health and happiness.

Christian is a highly skilled holistic health coach who is passionate about helping individuals achieve optimal health and wellness. Through a proven programme Christian empowers his clients to make positive and sustainable changes towards a healthier and happier life.

Pete Jennings

3pm - 3.20pm

Pagan Spiritual Paths

What Paganism is and what it isn't. Varying UK paths including Witchcraft, Druidry, Heathenism, Shamanism, Eclecticism.

Pete JenningsRetired President of the Pagan Federation, ex social worker and psychotherapist, author of over 25 books. He is a headline speaker at many major Pagan events in the UK and abroad.

Edafe Capener

3.30pm - 3.50pm

Reflexology & Energy

This is an interactive workshop that'll explore the invaluable role of energy in reflexology.

Edafe Capener is a Life Arts Reflexology graduate based in Colchester with excellent intuition, counselling, mentoring and coaching skills.

4pm - 4.40pm

Elene Marsden

Ecstatic Dance

For generations ancestral tribes have danced to the rhythmic sounds of drums. Those primal beats are deeply held inside us. If you’ve told yourself you can’t dance, this is your chance to get rid of those limiting beliefs.

Everyone can move. At an Ecstatic Dance session there are no set moves, you let the music move you. You might even feel like lying down, no need to follow the crowd, self expression is key. 

Elene Marsden spent 6 months in Bali experiencing the many different kinds of Ecstatic Dances, DJ Chica aka Elene Marsden wanted to bring something fresh and new to her community. Connect with her Facebook Group and Ecstatic Dance Bali Inspired Page

Elene believes that dancing is a tonic for people emerging from endless lockdowns and isolation and a great way to start building connections with others again.


Sunday 21st May

Jo Goreman

10.30am - 10.50am  

Healy Frequency Device

Use of frequency as a healing device. Introduction to Healy and talk about the uses programs and how to get one or what expect from this technology

Jo Goreham is passionate about ensuring the use of chemical-free and nutritional formulas that will support you and all of life's challenges and get back to vibrant living. Heroot is all about an infusion of herbalist remedies and lifestyle.

Angie Thirkell

11am - 11.20am

Contemporary Meditation Bowls

I intend to demonstrate the contemporary marriage of ceramics and sound, pushing the boundaries of how we use and interact with ceramics in the pursuit of wellbeing. Showing how each bowl will bring tranquillity both through their visual simplicity and rejuvenating sound.

Angela Thirkell has been working in ceramics for over 10 years, in particular bone china. In addition, she practices yoga & mediation daily.

Jane Robinson

11.30am - 11.50am

Herbal Medicine

Jane Robinson has been a medical herbalist for over 20 years, her apothecary is based in Westcliff and she works with clients nationwide. She is passionate about sharing her craft and helping people understand how they can use herbs to support good health.


Judith Quin

12pm - 12.20pm

Your Voice, Vibration & Emotions

Your voice is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings & experiences. Judith will share the basics of her Voice-Vibration Sound & Chakra Healing Process and how what you are thinking impacts both your confidence and how your voice sounds when you speak.

Judith Quin Liberating voices to liberate lives. Judith helps people release old energies, pains and patterns, speak up and be seen and heard. She is a confidence coach, sound healer, author, creator of the Sound Your Voice oracle card deck, and member of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe.

Juliette Bryant

12.30pm - 12.50pm

How To Create A Resilient System - Working with the Endocannabinoid System

In this talk, Juliette will talk about her forthcoming book and research on the Endocannabinoid System and how we can work to support to to bring about better health and wellbeing.

Juliette Bryant is a leading figure in the field of health transformation. She has travelled the world seeking out and studying the most effective tools for achieving good health and healing. Juliette has three published books and written countless articles for magazines, newspapers and journals, all arising from her extensive research into healthy living, wellbeing and nutrition.

Ina Zakaidze White

1pm - 1.20pm

The Global Glut of Plastic

Let’s tackle questions about plastic. What is the scale of the plastic problem? What really happens to our plastic recycling? Plastic pollution in supermarkets: which ones are the worst?  How do we solve the plastic problem?

Ina Zakaidze White is an environmental consultant by profession. Ina is extremely passionate about the protection of the environment. Her motivation for joining Greenpeace was to contribute to a healthier, greener, more peaceful world and her dream for the future of this planet is that governments, businesses, and people in general place the environment first in everything they do. It is her strong belief that by working together, we will be able to overcome the climate crisis and find a solution.

Inna Kushnirova

1.30pm - 1.50pm

Keep up Your well-being with bioseronance

Learn to manage your health, body and spirit in a natural, safe and effective way by using bioresonance technologies.

Inna Kushnirova is a Bioresonance therapist, member of IAMA (International Alternative Medicine Association), 12 years experience in bioresonance technologies, specialist in Vegetative Resonance Test by H.Shimmel

Hem Kesav

2pm - 2.20pm

Stepping into Consciousness with the Angels

This talk will be information that the angels are bringing through to humanity, angel guidance and messages.

Hem Kesev has a connection to angels she's a healer, yoga teacher, breathwork teacher, meditation teacher and Reiki Master. Hem fuses angel connection and a little magic in her readings.

Dawn Meadows

2.30pm - 2.50pm

Crystals For Empowerment, Enhancing Intuition & Protection

Crystals have an amazing energy, they work in harmony with our own energies and that of the environment we live in. Learn how you can work with the energy of crystals to enhance intuition, Protection and wellbeing.

Dawn Meadows is based in Colchester. She has always been fascinated by the wonderful world of crystals, with a passion for the mineral kingdom. She has been on her spiritual crystal path for over 30 years, Dawn is very knowledgeable, an experienced crystal teacher and an intuitive crystal reader.

Ian Brener

3pm - 3.20pm

Find easier movement in your life

Come and experience the Feldenkrais Method. Using slow, gentle movement make lasting changes that lets you move through life with ease. Feldenkrais can help with relief and recovery from pain, injuries and neurological issues. It allows you to lead a brighter, richer calmer life. 

Come and experience the Feldenkrais Method. Using slow, gentle movement make lasting changes that lets you move through life with ease.

Ian Brener is a Feldenkrais Guild UK accredited teacher. As a movement director, he has taught in drama colleges for over 25-years utilising the Feldenkrais system. His theatre work includes Shakespeare's Globe, Royal Haymarket, and Royal Shakespeare Company.

Stephanie J King

3.30pm - 3.50pm

Protection, Balance, Acute Awareness & Higher Trust

What do they all have in common and why are they actually needed? More occurs on levels unseen that drives life or restricts more often than you know. But, in this time frame there's no time to not know. Indeed you must because of the importance you all you daily work with. Life needs you on point, interacting and creating correctly.

Join Internationally known and respected, Stephanie J. King - Soulpreneur ™, author, healer, speaker, life coach, relationship consultant - to support and help you overcome the many challenging facets of daily life…. Time permitting this workshop will also contain powerful, channelled, guided meditations.

4pm - 4.40pm

Wayne McHugh

Sound Journey Experience

Wayne will be hosting a Meditation Experience using sound to “let go of what no longer serves you, evoking love”. This will be an opportunity to experience a sound journey personal to you through drumming, voice and other instruments through this journey. 

Wayne McHugh is a spiritual teacher, life speaker, psychic medium, musician and song writer. Wayne has had  many enlightening spiritual experiences he encountered whilst working as a Paramedic.