TALKS ROOM - Talks, Workshops and Demonstrations

Colchester Mind Body Spirit Festival - 15-16 October 2022

Where is Talks Room? Opposite the main entrance

    1) Speakers Room access is by ticket only for a suggested £3 donation to Helen Rollason Cancer Charity - tickets available in the entrance on a 1st come basis, strictly limited number only.

Exception: 'Spirit Communication' mediumship demo suggested £5 charity donation. 

NOTE: All monies raised are donated to Helen Rollason Cancer Charity

    2) Children U16 FREE, but must be always accompanied by a responsible adult

Saturday 15th

11am - 11.45am

45 minutes

Am I Psychic Part 2 - Interactive workshop

With Kevin’s first-hand approach check out the everyday things we do that help us open up to our Psychic abilities. I will be explaining how everyday interactions an intuition is linked with aura sensing. Plus a few ‘give it a try’ techniques.

Kevin Doe has spent many years on his own spiritual  journey, studying many fields of interest from religions around the globe to shamanism. He is a qualified Psychotherapist Counsellor and has successfully completed many spiritual courses including mediumship, psychometry, dowsing, complimentary therapies and is an experienced qualified healer with one of the UK’s largest organisations. A sound basis for thought and  expression.

Jules Button

12pm - 12.45pm

45 minutes

CBD - What works and when to take it! Introductory talk 

A talk about CBD and the pros and cons. Want to know what CBD works best and when to take it? Then this talk is for you. We will discuss CBD Teas, Patches, Oils and Gummies and how they could help you.

Jules Button is a qualified Naturopath and has used Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Iridology, Herbal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition to assist people's wellbeing for over 25 years. She was founder of Rainbow Apothecary and Woodbridge Wellbeing and is now the owner of Tea Tubs (Tea & Wellbeing). 

Stephanie J King

1pm - 1.45pm

45 minutes

Healing your Family Tree - Interactive workshop

You are the latest living link in your own ancestral tree. You join with others who too birthed with you for reasons of soul/self-development. Your own soul is ascending, but to help it you must clear the decks of past regrets, mistakes and deeds wrongly submitted. Don’t wait too long before you mend old bridges.

Stephanie J. King is an Internationally known and respected author, healer, speaker, life coach, relationship consultant - to support and help you overcome the many challenging facets of daily life…. Time permitting this workshop will also contain powerful, channelled, guided meditations.

Debbie Chambers

2pm - 2.45pm

45 minutes

Psychic Mediumship - Demonstration

Debbi Chambers will be demonstrating mediumship, channelling messages from loved ones in spirit.

Debbie Chambers has been an intuitive therapist for over 20 years. She is also a Spiritual Medium and Reiki Master/Teacher. Debbi will be here offering Mediumship Readings and Soul Readings/Healing and for more information about courses she runs.


Clare J Shaman

3pm - 3.45pm

45 minutes

Guided Shamanic Journey - Interactive workshop

This is practicing the main skill of a shaman so you can talk with spirit and receive your own messages.

Clare J Shaman is a master shaman and teacher of the mesa medicine wheel. She has devoted her entire life to spirituality from a very young age and cares deeply about her work.

Sunday 16th

Edafe Capener

11am - 11.45am

45 minutes

Reflexology and Energy  Interactive workshop

This is an interactive workshop that'll explore the invaluable role of Energy in Reflexology.

Edafe Capener is a Life Arts Reflexology graduate based in Colchester with excellent intuition, counselling, mentoring and coaching skills.

Jo Tiller

12pm - 12.45pm

45 minutes

An introduction to the Zodiac and Tarot - Interactive talk

Do you wish to know more about your Sun Sign and what it can teach you about life? Do you have a desire to have a better understanding of the people around you? Then this fun & interactive workshop is perfect for you.

Jo Tiller - Through her love of people and passion for mystical and modern-day Tarot, it is Jo's purpose, as an intuitive Tarot consultant, to guide and help others shine so they can walk in their own light. 

Judith Quin

1pm - 1.45pm

45 minutes

Voice-Vibration Sound & Chakra Healing - Interactive workshop

Your voice reflects every emotion or experience you have ever had. Discover how those experiences are held in your subconscious brain and body's cell memory, how they hold you back in life, and how you can liberate your voice to liberate your life.

Judith Quin combines voice vibration sound and chakra healing with life-coaching to create powerful release. She is an international speaker, author, oracle deck creator, and member of the Sound Healers' Association and Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe.

Jennifer Lynch

2pm - 2.45pm

45 minutes

Living an authentic life - Interactive talk

Jennifer Lynch explores how authentic we truly are? What would we change in order to live the life we dream of. She provides you with simple starter steps to engage in the process

Jennifer Lynch started her spiritual and awakening journey thirty years ago. She is the author of 7 books, a former radio show host and empowerment coach. She gives angel and energy readings throughout the U.K. as well as healing sessions. 

Wayne McHugh

3pm - 3.45pm

45 minutes

Sound and Meditation Journey Interactive workshop

Wayne will be hosting a Meditation Experience using sound to “let go of what no longer serves you, evoking love." This will be an opportunity to experience a sound journey personal to you through drumming, voice and other instruments through this journey. 

Wayne McHugh is a Spiritual teacher, life speaker, psychic medium, artistic, musician and song writer. Wayne has had  many enlightening spiritual experiences along his journey, often inspiring and empowering others to help find themselves to deepen their own connection. Wayne’s has a warming and caring charm about him and enjoys enabling others to be the best they can.