Colchester 2023 - Stage Performers

   Note: Some changes may occur due to organic flow
Colin Wyatt - Sound Bath
Performing Saturday 1pm & Sunday 2pm

Crystal Sound Bath with Colin Wyatt. Colin is a Sound Healer using the specific frequency of 432Hz. This is the natural frequency of nature and works in alignment with the Schumann resonance, Earth’s natural energy.

When we bath in this frequency every cell in the body experiences the benefits that the 432Hz frequency has to offer. 

Benefits: balances blood pressure, lowers cortisol levels, reduces stress, activates the chakra system, heightened awareness, altered perception of sound and so much more…

Hayley Morgan

Hayley Morgan - Vocals
Performing Saturday 11am & 1.50pm

After leaving the performing arts industry over 15 years ago, Hayley is making a come back both personally and professionally by building her beauty/massage business, HRM Beauty and indulging in her previous passion of singing. Wish her luck! 


BFriendly - Vocals, violin and guitar
Performing Saturday 11.40am & 3.10pm

BFriendly is the brainchild of pianist Ian Haywood. His duo play feel good reggae music and he sings about his life, loves, nature and the environment with his anecdotal humour and singalong style. With 2 albums now released the influences for his songs come from his lifelong love of reggae music and include major reggae artists such as Jimmy Cliff, Desmond Dekker, Shaggy and Bob Marley.

She Brings the Rain

She Brings the Rain - Vocals, violin and guitar
Performing Saturday 12.20pm, 2.30pm & 3.40pm / Sunday 12.40pm & 3pm 

Ruth & Jim Anderson will be playing violin, harp and guitar

Two versatile musicians from Harwich who play folk music at festivals and local events. Playing original songs, covering music they love and making it our own with great wit and talent.

Wayne McHugh
Wayne McHugh - Guitar & vocals
Performing Sunday 12pm & 1.20pm

Wayne, dubbed 'The Voice of an Angel' by his many fans, has been working as a Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Teacher and Life Speaker for many years, channelling and sharing his inspiration with many people through his Clairvoyance, Workshops, Music, Healing and Art.

He will be sharing his music including the beautiful angelic infused tones of ‘The Angel Song’ taken from his debut album ‘Angel Eyes’.  This song has a touching story from one of his many enlightening spiritual experiences he encountered whilst working as a Paramedic.