Easter: A Time To Sow The Seeds For A Successful Year Ahead

Easter BunniesEaster means many things to different people, depending on religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and whether or not there is a weakness for chocolate! We are here to share our thoughts about Easter as a time to welcome in the spring, celebrate new beginnings and sow the seeds for a fabulous year ahead!


The Easter Bunny – Rabbits are a symbol of fertility, and their abundance at this time of year has ensured that they have become synonymous with Easter celebrations – along with chicks and lambs! You can welcome the spirit of the Easter Bunny into your life by focussing on personal growth. This could be by nurturing your need for spiritual growth, dedicating time to improving your body through exercise and nutrition, and expanding your mind through learning.



The Easter Egg – Eggs are a symbol of new life, and therefore new beginnings. You could make Easter your time to focus on new ways to nourish your mind, body and spirit! Here are a few ideas:


Try Reiki!

Hands-on healing that is used to treat both the self and others, and a powerful aid to personal growth! Reiki works on all levels — Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical. We offer Reiki courses for beginners right through to teacher level.


Try Yoga!

Mindfulness and meditation practice that works wonders for the body too. Yoga is a gentle way to promote your wellbeing and get some exercise as well. If you are already experienced in yoga, why not try something new, take a look at our Thai Yoga Massage course – training for professional practitioners.


Try Reflexology!

An alternative treatment used to relieve a wide range of conditions. Using the feet as a way to work with the body, reflexology can benefit people suffering from stress, anxiety, insomnia, as well as many other physical and mental illnesses. We have taken many students from beginner to practitioner with our 9 month NVQ level 3 Reflexology Diploma Course, if helping people in this way sounds like something you’d like to try – get in touch!



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