Never had a cholesterol check?

Never had a cholesterol check? You should watch this, it could save your life!
My name is Chris Cozens and in the last 7 days I have had a heart attack and heart surgery.


Best Cholesterol Advice

LOGO Heart UKFor a website that is the most packed website on details about cholesterol visit Heart UK – the cholesterol charity

If you need to get expert advice from dieticians and specialist cardiac nurses call the Cholesterol helpline on 0345 450 5988; lines are manned Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm.


Best Heart Advice

LOGO British Heart FoundationThe British Heart Foundation is a research charity that is leading new ways globally to help save lives.

You can help them save lives too. Because of the advances in science donations have helped fund, the lives of millions of people with heart disease have been transformed. Many people are alive today thanks to research they have funded and even more have a better quality of life because of it.


To donate or find out more about risk factors, preventing heart disease, angina and so much more do visit


When to have your cholesterol tested

It’s important to understand who should have a cholesterol test and how often to repeat it:

  • Every 5 years if you are between the ages of 40 and 75
  • Every 12 months if you are on cholesterol lowering medication
  • Any child of a parent with inherited high cholesterol (FH)  –  by the age of 10
  • First degree relatives of a person with FH – on being told of the risk

The NHS will provide you with a free cholesterol test if you fall into any of the above groups, speak to your Doctor or Practice Nurse about arranging your cholesterol test.

If you are under 40, have concerns about your cholesterol number and do not fit into the above parameters Lloyds Pharmacy offer a test for £15; for information CLICK HERE

For information about the free NHS test CLICK HERE

To find out more about your what is cholesterol, your cholesterol number and brilliant information about how to lower your cholesterol go to Heart UK website CLICK HERE



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