Sophie Sabbage

A mindset alchemist - giving a transformational talk and masterclass

Sophie Sabbage

Sophie is a psychologist, business consultant, patient activist, speaker and bestselling author.

Sophie has become a familiar personality following the stunning success of her bestselling book The Cancer Whisperer, which placed her on a global stage as an authority on how to thrive in adversity.

Sophie spent 20 years heading up an award-winning business consultancy helping leading brands respond creatively to changing winds.

That all changed when in 2014 when she was told she had late stage 'incurable' lung cancer. She was 48yrs old, happily married with a 4-year-old daughter.

Since then, Sophie has spent the last 5 years transforming a terminal diagnosis into one of the most vibrant & productive periods of her life. She has made numerous media appearances, become an internationally recognised author, built a speaking business and become a high-profile patient activist, carving out a new narrative around cancer. Her two Sunday Times bestsellers are The Cancer Whisperer and more recently Lifeshocks - and how to love them. 

Sophie Sabbage will be giving an introductory talk 2pm Saturday 6th and a follow-up workshop 2pm Sunday 7th June

2pm Saturday - FREE introductory talk to her Sunday workshop - 30 minutes

Talk The Psychology of Thriving 

Sophie will share simple, powerful insights into how we can thrive mentally and emotionally when facing significant challenges. This includes a unique mindset map and powerful account of how she has become a ‘terminal’ cancer thriver who is helping thousands of other patients to thrive.

2pm Sunday 45 minutes

Workshop The Psychology of Thriving 

An interactive session with Sophie which follows on from her talk but focuses on your challenges and how you can thrive because of them rather than survive in spite of them. She is highly perceptive and renowned for seeing one thing that can shift many things in a person’s life.


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