Stage Acts

We are so excited to offer you an amazing array of stage acts at our Chelmsford 2017 event - find out more below.

 We have FREE stage performances!

Performance of ‘Heaven & Earth’- Barbara Meiklejohn-Free & Flavia Kate Peters 

Performing on Both Days – Saturday 3pm & Sunday 1.15pm

Join Shaman Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters celebrating the soul through song and sound, as 
their performance reconnects the energy of the heavens with the heart of Mother Earth.

Not to be missed!           H&E Red





Ian Haywood – Composer & Pianist

Performing on Saturday – 11.20am, 1pm and 4pm

Ian Haywood

Ian Haywood

Ian Haywood is a concert pianist and composer from Chelmsford, UK, signed to Oakfield Records. He writes ambient piano music with classical influences and currently has his first album due for release in all online digital download retail stores and streaming sites.


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Morrigans Path

Performing on Sunday – 12pm & 2pm

Morrigans Path at Life Arts mind body spirit festival

Morrigans Path

Morrigans Path are: Sheena and Ian  Cundy, Jim Olley, Mark and Lyz Barnard, Gareth Knight.
Soulful melodies. Earthy rhythms. Groovy beats. …Witches, Faeries, Angels, the Green Man and the Goddess… Journey with these Pagan folk and meet them all…
 Original, magical music ~ from the earth and beyond the veil.
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Lesley Curtis – Singer & Songwriter

Performing on Sunday – 11am & 3pm

In searching to find her own inner peace and happiness, Lesley started her spiritual journey with Reiki, eventually becoming a Reiki Master in 2002. She is also became a Medium and Channel for Spirit.  Already an established singer/songwriter, musician, performer, voice coach, committed meditator, author and poet she now combines all these elements to offer her unique sessions she calls ‘Spirit and Sound’.


Ratnavali Tribal Bellydance 

Performing on Sunday – 3.45pm

Ratnavali Tribal Belly Dance at life arts mind body spirit festival

Ratnavali Tribal Belly Dance

Belly Dance is an ancient, powerful and sacred dance. It offers a fun way to fitness, personal empowerment, creativity and self-acceptance. To dance an ancient movement in a modern era is to defy time and connects us all in spirit.

We specialise in and perform and teach ATS® American Tribal Style® Belly Dance throughout Essex and the UK (and shores beyond when asked) and love nothing better than to have an excuse to get together for fun, laughter and above all lots of dancing.  For more information about us, our classes and much more please visit us at  or call Maxine on 07910 745936



Sandra Jones: Saxophone

Performing on Both Days – Saturday 12pm, 2pm & 4.40pm / Sunday 10.15am & 4.30pm

at Life Arts mind body spirit festival

Sandra Jones

Sandra will be playing her beautiful saxophone sounds on stage at various times and is available for weddings, parties etc.

Sandra is a Transcendentalist, Holistic Therapist working on the mind, body, spirit & soul through the medium of Reiki and has been a Reiki Master Teacher since 2003. She takes a human approach in her work while acknowledging that each individual is unique. She has worked in the Dental environment since she was 15 years old and continues to be interested in anatomy, physiology, physics and science. She finds that Hypnotherapy (Psycho analysis, Dream analysis, Past Life Regression, Fast Track Phobia Cure, Dental Phobia) is an interesting tool for releasing emotions, changing attitudes and encouraging positive ideas. Her basic tenit is: Find The Cause, Remove The Cause and then there shall be no effect and if you can’t remove the cause then Change your attitude towards it. Through the power of Meditation and the practice of Qigong, Sandra quickly learned how important Holistic Health is and went on to practice Indian Head Massage, Holistic Face Massage and Hopi Ear Candling.

Tel: 07895 691188 E:


Live Aura Show by Aura Interpretations

Stage Demonstration Saturday only – 10.30am

Aura Crystal Images




Quartz can excite & amplify the crown chakra – plus expand the Aura   

This year see’s us with a totally new concept for a Stage Demonstration. I will be joined on stage by the lovely Naomi Tamayama of Maddogg Designs. We will be offering a live audio visual perspective of working with crystals. For many it’s a real challenge to understand how the subtle energies of crystals can have any positive influence on us. But If your sensitive or interested in working with anything natural then your be more than entertained by this stage demo. You will see the visual interaction between our seated client and the crystals that are handed to them. We live in an energy based reality and everything has an energy signature. I believe our aura or personal energy signature is just one element of the biometric representation of our life-force.

Aura interpretations are one of the leading companies in the UK today offering photographs & reading using some of the best Aura Photographic & Live Aura Video Systems available, not only do we offer you the best equipment, it comes with the added advantage of over 30 + years of research & development from the original / current inventor of the modern Aura Camera. We provide a variety of services that can be used to help and support your personal growth and continued development in an informative and entertaining manor.

So please do come and see us on our stand for more information.