Music Stage

Woodbridge - Mind Body Spirit Festival - 16-17th April 2022

Danny R & Paul Gillings - Harmonica, Guitar & Vocals

Performing both days

A collaboration between songwriters Danny R and Paul Gillings.

Writing and performing original material from stripped back live recordings in the rehearsal room to full studio production tracks / remixes , mainly focused around folk rock blues.

New Sarah Sheldon - Keyboard & vocals

Performing Sunday

Sarah is a musician and sound healer. She combines her love of piano with her ever growing collection of interesting instruments to compose songs and meditative pieces. 

It is Sarah's passion to use her skills and life experience to create music from the heart and to let the healing energy of music flow through all she creates

Ruth Anderson - Harp

Performing Saturday

Ruth will be playing harp, supported by her partner Jim on guitar.

Both are accomplished musicians used to performing 'live' at gigs - vocals, violin, bass, guitar and harp.

"Listening to the sounds played from Ruth's 'love' harp are meditatively hypnotic". Chris Cozens

Wayne McHugh

Wayne McHugh - Guitar & vocals

Performing both days

Wayne has been working as a Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Teacher and Life Speaker for many years, channelling and sharing his inspiration with many people through his Clairvoyance, Workshops, Music, Healing and Art.

He will be sharing his music including the beautiful angelic infused tones of ‘The Angel Song’ taken from his debut album ‘Angel Eyes’.  This song has a touching story from one of his many enlightening spiritual experiences he encountered whilst working as a Paramedic.