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Life Arts Wellbeing Festival 2019

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Saturday 15th

Paul King

10.45am - FREE TALK  30 mins

Learn to meditate in just 10 minutes!

Everybody has the ability to meditate. You just need to find the right method. In the past 5 years Abbot Paul King has taught over 1000 people to do this using a simple, practical method that can easily be incorporated into everyday life. Try it for yourself in this FREE session.

Paul King was responsible for bringing World recognised Buddhist Master Dechan Jueren to England for the first time in 2007.  In the following 3 years Paul was taught directly by Dechan Jueren, in England, Ireland, America and most recently in China, where he spent 100 days in intensive study, including time at the World-renowned Shaolin temple.

     Alex Cover

11.30am - FREE TALK 30 mins

How to let go of pain

A talk to discuss how energy can be blocked along the nervous system and cause pain and prevent healing. Discover 3 simple ways to unblock this energy and let go of pain.

Alexandra Cover has been a Chiropractor for 10 years and along with her team in Chelmsford, they have helped many people unlock the physical, chemical and emotional causes of pain. Inspired Health Chiropractic offer a holistic approach to support your wellbeing.

Stephanie King at Life Arts mind body spirit festival

Stephanie J. King

12.30pm - FREE WORKSHOP 45 mins

How to get yourself & your life back on track

Not all you experience was chosen consciously by yourself in this lifetime. No matter where you are or what may be present, you have more power over life than you realise. All that happens leaves it's residue and mark somewhere. Come to this workshop to learn more.

Internationally known and respected Stephanie J. King – Soulpreneur™, author, healer, trance medium, relationship consultant & star of Source TV – has worked with the highest spiritual realms for over two and a half decades to download valuable information to support and help you overcome the many changing facets of your life.

Rachael Beesley

    Rachael Beesley           

1.30pm - FREE DEMONSTRATION 30 mins

Curious about animal communication?

Animal Intuitive, Coach & Author, Rachael Beesley connects with animals - both past and living - through a photograph of them. Live Demo with Q&A. Note: Bring a photo of your pet, or image on your mobile!

Rachael Beesley loves enabling an accurate and meaningful conversation between you and your animal, deepening your understanding of each other and often yourself. Author of the inspirational Equisentient Coaching Cards - a 44-channelled wild horse wisdom-card deck with accompanying guidebook.

Rebecca McQueen

Rebecca McQueen

2.15pm - FREE TALK 30 mins

How to stress less - live more  

Stress affects both our physical and emotional well-being. Learn how to change your diet and your daily habits to live in control of your emotions instead of them controlling you.

Rebecca McQueen practices holistic nutrition and health coaching, specializing in food intolerance and emotional health. Her own journey, with anxiety, mood and food, started as a 7 year old child - changing her food changed her life and changing her life changed everything. Her passion is now her purpose, to share how we can live differently.

Juliette Bryant

3pm - FREE WORKSHOP 45 mins

Healthy food on a budget

Do you want to eat healthy food but feel it’s too expensive? In this informative talk and demo Juliette Bryant, superfood chef, author and health researcher, as she shows you simple and affordable ways to make delicious healthy dishes to help you thrive.

Juliette Bryant is a health researcher, author and plant-based superfood chef who has travelled the world, working with some of the leading experts on health and wellbeing. She is passionate about showing people simple ways to empower their health and wellbeing. Juliette is based in Clare, Suffolk, and has written several books including Divine Desserts, Superfoods and how to use them, Divine Detox and the new Divine Desserts 2.

Jackie Tyrrell at Life Arts mind body spirit festival

      Jackie Tyrrell                

4pm - FREE TALK 30 mins

9 Star Ki Feng Shui Astrology

9 Star Ki Feng Shui Astrology is one of the oldest forms of astrology in the world. Based on your date of birth 9 Star Ki helps you understand your personality, character& behaviour of others and compatibility. A very useful life tool.

Jackie Tyrrell is an accredited Feng Shui consultant and trained at The Feng Shui Academy & European College of Feng Shui. Jackie is passionate about Feng Shui and enjoys sharing her knowledge, teaching on workshops and talking at events.

Sunday 16th

Chris Deojee

10.45am - FREE TALK 30 mins

The tools to sort your life out

This Talk is a Rite of Passage, an Initiation. A mental healing journey to ancient tools within you that you can use to fix or change relationships, change your behaviour..change your life altogether, gaining deep insights about yourself and your life along the way.

Chris Deojee is a mentor, speaker, teacher, father and entrepreneur...though his speaking sessions are more a mental healing process than a 'talk.' He's been helping people sort their lives and their relationships, with self and others, for ages.

Juliette Bryant

11.30am - FREE TALK 30 mins

How to heal the gut

Do you suffer from low energy, bloating, stomach pain, food sensitivities, low immune system or just simply want better health? Then this talk /demo is for you. Juliette Bryant will talk about the top foods and recipes to heal the gut, as well as showing you simple and effective tools to a happy healthy gut.

Juliette Bryant is a health researcher, author and plant-based superfood chef who has travelled the world, working with some of the leading experts on health and wellbeing. She is passionate about showing people simple ways to empower their health and wellbeing. Juliette is based in Clare, Suffolk, and has written several books including Divine Desserts, Superfoods and how to use them, Divine Detox and the new Divine Desserts 2. 

Wai Cheung

        Wai Cheung                  

12.15pm - FREE WORKSHOP 45 mins

3 essential steps to a meaningful life

Do you sense you are here to make a greater difference, but your current work-life just drains all your energy? In this mini workshop you will break through the 3 biggest barriers that are stopping you from living your true, meaningful life: right now!

Wai Cheung is a mission-driven career coach and motivational speaker who helps working professionals, who are feeling stuck in their soul-draining careers, to find their life's work while making a difference doing what they love; with powerful congruence and alignment.

Liz Bylett

1.15pm - FREE WORKSHOP 45 mins

Getting Creative

Come and experience how creativity can raise your spirits and help you to become more creative in your everyday life. Creativity opens up areas of the brain that life stresses may close down and suppress our naturally ability to solve problems. Reverse this process for yourself with some creative thinking.

Liz Bylett- Award Winning Face and Body Painter, Guinness World Record Holder, Author and owner @ Follies Face and Body art and The Living Art Show Liz runs the follies Academy sharing creative skills with all and is also Creative director of the The Living Art Show body painting festival . Liz is Author of The Face Painters Blueprint.

Yvette Tamara

2.15pm - DEMONSTRATION £2.50 charity donation - 1 hour

A demonstration of mediumship with Yvette Tamara

Yvette Tamara medium psychic has given many demonstrations of mediumship offering humour and amazing evidence of life after death enjoy a demonstration of a much loved and respected medium.

Yvette Tamara travels many places including Cyprus, Spain and UK giving talks and demonstrations of mediumship. Yvette has featured in many local national magazines, newspapers and featured in the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Marie Clare Magazine and TV including BBC Kilroy, The Big Breakfast & Radio appearances, including regular shows on BBC radio, The Russell Grant Show and Talk Radio.  The Sun editorial boasts of her predictions on a lottery win share of £2.4 million.

Britta Hochkeppel

3.30pm - FREE TALK 30 mins

Emotions are energy

Each emotion has its own vibration. How our emotions can become stagnant in our physical body and what we can do to release them to stay balanced.

Britta Hochkeppel is a leading German Naturopath/Kinesiologist/Energy Healer with 20 years’ experience. Featured in Psychic News and Spirit & Destiny magazine.

Nyali Muir

4.15pm - FREE TALK 30 mins

Evolving your medical model 

If you want to educate and empower yourself as to how others are reversing and healing long term conditions non medically, this talk is for you.

Nyali Muir is a transformative leadership coach, 2012 Kenyan Olympic Team Coach, health & wellbeing consultant, feminine leadership consultant, writer and public speaker.