Gift yourself a little love and understanding this weekend – Wellness Festival Suffolk 2022

Why the Suffolk Mind Body Spirit Wellness Festival at Trinity Park Ipswich is the place to be this weekend, 24th - 25th September 2022.  

Whether you live in the moment or for it, there’s no time like the present to embark on making a difference in life  – and no better present to yourself than some gentle self-care and me-time-out to make it happen. On 24th/25th September 2022, for the investment of just £7 for a day ticket and a few hours out of life’s busy schedules, the Life Arts Suffolk Wellness Festival puts that opportunity before you on a plate. Come along and enjoy the feast!

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Go on....

Stretch yourself

Your ticket includes a wide range of taster sessions including yoga and pilates, so wear some comfy clothes and enjoy some gentle exercise for both body and spirit. With all sorts of workshops throughout the weekend, there’ll be lots of other ideas to get you relaxing and thinking too. 

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Listen up

Get off your bandwagon of busy-ness and immerse yourself in a free sound bath or book a slot in sauna box the perhaps. Take in informative and inspiring talks, delivered by top holistic therapy practitioners and more. Or simply sit back and chill out to some heart-warming live music courtesy of a wide range of professional singer and songwriters.   

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Think active participation might be out of your comfort zone? No worries, there’s no pressure - and plenty of demonstrations to enjoy as an observer. Come along with an open mind and see what speaks to you.

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Inspiration. Inspiring people. Inspired ideas, art and gifts. With more than 85 stalls, you’ll find them here in abundance. Browse at your leisure. Stop for a chat with some of our exhibitors. You’ll find that ideas and advice is freely given. 

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Everyone is different – that’s something to celebrate. The Life Arts Suffolk Wellness Festival aims to share a cornucopia of opportunities to explore the mind, body and spirit across the widest of spectrums. Answers will always be your own, but we hope we can help in the journey.


Me time-out doesn’t have to mean you go it alone. Experiencing the wellness showcase with friends or family makes for a great day out. Kids under 16 go free, so why not start them on a healthy and mindful path whilst they are young?     

Reach out

Interested in intuition or psychic abilities? Seeking spiritual guidance or fascinated by the healing potential of spiritual practices? Our Readers’ Room plays host to fully established and hand-picked professionals in their spiritual fields, such as empaths, clairvoyants, mediums and those with psychic senses.

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From free activity taster sessions and to holistic therapies taster treatments, there’s so much goodness for the mind, body and spirit to get your teeth into. Check out the Food Court too of course, for everything from invigorating vegan food to luxury ices, perfect pizza, juicy smoothies, guilt-free cake and great barista coffees.

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Relax and unwind

Meditation, visualization, sound baths and breathing techniques – they all have the potential to release stress and introduce calm into your life. Get a taste of how they can make a difference in the judge-free zone of the Lotus Room.

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Feel better for it

Enjoy vegan food or juicy smoothie in the food court. Learn about natural ways to boost energy and vitality through plants. Watch a medium at work or find your mo-jo through inspiring individuals sharing top tips on meaning, purpose and so much more.

Whatever you choose to explore at the Life Arts Wellness Festival Suffolk 2022, however long you stay, you’re sure to find that it’s a great place to just be.

Be informed. Be yourself. Be uplifted.

See you there.