Tips for Exhibiting at Mind, Body and Spirit Events

As you may know, exhibitors at Life Arts Mind, Body and Spirit events have been personally selected to ensure visitors experience variety and a great balance of energies.Exhibitors

This is just one of many things we do that contributes to the growing popularity of each festival year on year! Marketing the event is obviously a big job – so while we erect roadside banners, email over 3,000 members of the public, advertise in local papers and on local radio, distribute thousands of professionally designed posters & flyers and connect with people on social media – we thought you might like a few tips to promote your presence at the event too. Here’s what to do!

  1. Write a blog

Your website is the ideal starting place for promoting your talents and wares, and you should use a blog page to keep customers or clients updated with latest news such as upcoming events, and new products and services. This is where you can write about your place at a local Life Arts MBS event.

Essential information to include:

  • Who you are and what you will be offering at the event
  • Full title of the event you will be at
  • Full address of event
  • Date and times that you will be at the event
  • Full date range of the event with a summary of what else will be there
  • Links to event page on
  1. Contact local press

Getting a story in the local paper is a fabulous way to promote yourself. The story might be about a personal connection to the event, or a new service or product that is being launched at the event. Make sure they include the event details at the end!

  1. Make the most of Facebook

You can post your original blog post to Facebook for your followers to see, and you can also keep reminding friends and followers that you will be at the event. Take time to connect with likeminded people to grow your audience too.

  1. Get tweeting

Tweets are short, sweet and another way to connect with people in the local area. Get ahead of the game by using hashtags related to the location and the event as well as what you do, and don’t forget to link to either your blog or the event page on Example: Try #reflexology for free at the #woodbridge Mind Body and Spirit Festival

  1. Email past and present clients or customers

We send out over 3,000 emails to promote an event, but you can add to this by setting up your own mailing list. You can use your original blog post as your email, making it almost effortless! Even if people are not able to come to the event to support you or say hello, it might inspire them to book a session with you or buy from you again!

  1. Put up a poster

There’s nothing quite like drumming up local interest on your very own doorstep. Pop an event poster in your window, or design one of your own to attract nearby neighbours to the event. Remember to include the essential information outlined above!

If you are interested in exhibiting at a Life Arts MBS event, you can find exhibitor information on our website. Alternatively Contact Us with a specific enquiry.