Trinity Park 2022 - Stage Performers               

Gemma Louise Doyle

Headline act is
Gemma Louise Doyle 

International Singer, Recording Artist & Entertainer


International singer Gemma Louise Doyle, is a unique recording artist and live entertainer, who inspires people across the world. Having survived five teenage years in hospitals, Gemma today, uplifts audiences, fans & followers, in London, Las Vegas, across the entire UK,  in Europe and Worldwide.

Gemma has entertained Prime Ministers, Royal families and worked with celebrities; including Ed Sheeran, McFly, The Kaiser Chiefs, Peter Andre, Jimmy Osmond, Claire Sweeney, Johnathon Antoine, and for more than 3,000 events across the globe.

Gemma endeavours to enable people to realise, that we are all one, here together on this Earth and that we should treat each other with kindness, gratitude and love. 

As a teenager Gemma had five years in hospitals, and once diagnosed with a 'terminal' illness, Gemma discovered that her passion for singing, could uplift, impact and even heal listeners. When she eventually drew back enough strength, Gemma was allowed to go home and has since been exceptionally passionate to pursue her dream of being a professional singer and influencing other people

"I believe that we all have a unique & significant purpose to help each other and make people happier in this World. I discovered this, whilst recovering from a critical illness, when I first saw how my singing can uplift, heal & bring out the best of people. Since then, I've committed my life to give people joy, through music & entertainment." Gemma Louise Doyle

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Ian Haywood
Ian Haywood - Pianist
Performing Saturday

Ian Haywood is a composer, pianist and singer-songwriter, with 7 single releases and two piano albums. His second album ‘The Beautiful Dream’ was released on iTunes and all major download and streaming services in January 2020 and you can stream or download it here:

Ian will be performing music from ‘Inspired by Nature’ and ‘The Beautiful Dream’ and a selection of his singer-songwriter music, and you can watch the video to ‘Beautiful Wild’ and listen to the song here:

His most recent single release, ‘All I Need’ is available at

He is currently working on a piano and meditation album along with a singer/songwriter album.

Danny R & Paul Gillings - Harmonica, Guitar & Vocals

Performing both days

A collaboration between songwriters Danny R and Paul Gillings.

Writing and performing original material from stripped back live recordings in the rehearsal room to full studio production tracks / remixes , mainly focused around folk rock blues.

Ruth Anderson - Harp

Performing both days

Ruth will be playing harp, supported by Jim.

"Listening to the sounds played from Ruth's 'love' harp are meditatively hypnotic". Chris Cozens

Both are accomplished musicians used to performing 'live' at gigs - vocals, violin, bass, guitar and harp.

Wayne McHugh
Wayne McHugh 'The Voice of an Angel' - Guitar & vocals

Performing both days

Wayne, dubbed 'The Voice of an Angel' by his many fans, has been working as a Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Teacher and Life Speaker for many years, channeling and sharing his inspiration with many people through his Clairvoyance, Workshops, Music, Healing and Art.

He will be sharing his music including the beautiful angelic infused tones of ‘The Angel Song’ taken from his debut album ‘Angel Eyes’.  This song has a touching story from one of his many enlightening spiritual experiences he encountered whilst working as a Paramedic.

Sandra Jones at Life Arts mind body spirit festival

Sandra Jones - Saxophone

Performing Sunday

Sandra will be playing her beautiful saxophone sounds on stage and is available for weddings, parties etc.  She is also a multi-talented therapist from Felixstowe - REIKI Master/Teacher. Attunements.1.2.3 & Advanced Masters Beauty/Massage therapist ( ESPA Trained) Laser treatments ( Lyndon trained).

Tel: 07895 691188