THE LOTUS ROOM - located in the Trinity Rooms


Sponsored by Sharon-Denise Taylor

Admission: FREE

Children U16 must be always accompanied by a responsible adult

BIO: Sharon-Denise Taylor has spent the last 30 years exploring and sharing spiritual meditation and mindfulness in different forms.

Sharon has personally learned to overcome and come to peace with deep emotional scars, pain, and severe health issues. Meditation has personally helped Sharon reframe and recover from childhood traumas, and from chronic health conditions. 

She specialise in helping those who are seeking to heal them self through Meditation practice, so you too can align with your true nature, and authentic self, while being balanced with compassion, love, peace happiness and joy.

Sharon is an ordained Buddhist disciple & chaplain, offering services through one to one and group teachings, corporate and Chaplain services. 

Saturday 24th September

10.30m - 11.15am

45 minutes

Becoming The Lotus

Beginners meditation and mindfulness.

Entering the quantum stream, opening the heart to self-discovery and love.

11.45am - 12.30pm

45 minutes

Letting Go Of Fear

To help reduce stress and anxiety, giving you the tools to be self-empowered in the present moment, letting go of fear.

Mindfulness Vipassana & Anapana - simple breathing techniques for everyday life.

1pm - 1.45pm

45 minutes

The Golden Nectar Of Self-Healing

Deep healing, warming, calming, aiding you to manage physical pain.

Golden Nectar Meditation to reduce stress and tension in the mind and body.

2.45pm -3.30pm

45 minutes

Food Wellness Meditation - detox

Aid your wellbeing with your relationship with food with mindfulness and meditation.

Emotional eating is something I have first experience with. When we hold pain and trauma

we can become a slave to food and unaware/unconscious of what we are eating as we hide our pain behind food. In this mini class we cover the basics techniques to get you to become more mindful/conscious to empower you. How to bless your food.

4pm - 4.45pm

45 minutes

Sleep - Stop looking at sleep as a concept

Sleep therapy to switch on your rest and renewal system, mindfulness and mediation are tools to aid you to getting better sleep. We are bombarded with over 1000 adverts a day and technology is hitting our mind and senses. We carry our anxiety and stress from one day to the next. Learn a few simple techniques to get you started in this mini workshop.


Sunday 25th September

10.30m - 11.15am

45 minutes

The Only Moment Is The Present Moment

Becoming mindful in the workplace and everyday life, Vipassana is self-observation of your thoughts, learning to be gentle with yourself leading to self-love and care.  

Giving you tools to use to change your vibration opening to the quantum field.

11.45am - 12.30pm

45 minutes

OM Power Of The Universe

Om the seed sound of the universe! Boosting your vibration & wellbeing using meditation mantra and visualisation.

What are Mala beads?

How you change your vibration with the power of sound and your heartbeat is the beat of the earth. Resonate with the universe. Mudra Manta Visualisation.

1pm - 1.45pm

45 minutes

Magic Of The inner Universe, Change your Vibration

Opening your heart to real gratitude practice.

How simple practice can change your self doubts and empower you in your daily life. Meditation Mudra Mantra visualisation, letting go!

2.45pm - 3.30pm

45 minutes

Out of the Muddy Waters the Lotus Blossoms

Unblocking the fear factor, letting go of resistance to flow in your chi energy to create and manifest.

Learning to let go of the old mindsets and obstacles with meditation mudra mantra and visualisation. Lotus of the Green Tara.

4pm - 4.45pm

45 minutes

You are the Sky

Finding the “blue sky” in the chaos of life. We are nature, we are not separate, flow with the law of nature, settling the waters of life finding that stillness within.

Our emotions spike in waves every day and we feel ruled by our emotions. Emotions come from thoughts and the water turns to waves but under the currents is calm, peace and stillness. We are not our emotions. Mediation Mudra Mantra visualisation.