Talks Space

Suffolk Mind Body Spirit Festival

 16-17 September 2023


1)  FREE 

2) Children U16 FREE, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times

Note: Some changes may occur due to organic flow, do check details nearer the time

3) These talks are in the style of 18 minute 'Ted Talks' - in an exciting buzz!

Note: Some changes may occur due to organic flow, do check details nearer the time

Saturday 16th September

Kevin Doe

10.40am - 11.20am 

Am I Psychic?

With Kevin’s first-hand approach check out the everyday things we do that help us open up to our Psychic abilities. I will be explaining how everyday interactions an intuition is linked with aura sensing. Plus a few ‘give it a try’ techniques

Kevin Doe has spent many years on his own spiritual  journey, studying many fields of interest  from religions around the globe to shamanism.  He is a qualified Psychotherapist  Counsellor and has successfully  completed many  spiritual courses including Mediumship, Psychometry , Dowsing, Complimentary Therapies   and is an experienced  qualified Healer with one of the UK’s largest organisations. A sound basis for thought & expression.

Marco Grove

11.30am - 11.50am

The Angel Within 

Marco will show you ways to go into the peace and connect with the light of your soul, helping you to find life purpose and connect with the angel within.

Marco Grove is an international speaker and sculptor of divinely inspired sculptures used for healing and meditation.

Joanne Hunt

Joanne Hunt

12pm - 12.20pm

Using essential oils to support your menopause

After starting the menopause at 48, I have first hand experience and knowledge of what can support your menopause journey. Totally understand each body is very different so looking forward to supporting you on your journey.

Joanne Hunt has been working with doTERRA Essential Oils for 9 years and simply loves to support people on their natural health journey by using these oils.

Claire Skingley

12.30pm - 12.50pm 

Ancient Techniques for Modern Day Living

This talk gives an insight into Pranic Healing and how it can help you and others. Learn how to use Prana to accelerate your body's ability to heal itself. Discover how energy affects you physically, emotionally and mentally.

Claire Skingley is a Pranic Healing Therapist based in Colchester, he discovered Pranic Healing in 2014. His passion to help others has developed to working with clients to promote their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Wai Cheung

1pm - 1.20pm

Your Power Unleashed: No Magick Req'd

Discover a revolutionary new method to break free from personal limitations and unlock your true potential in this must-see presentation. No years of magick or energy work required! You'll gain powerful insights and a clear path to achieving your goals using this cutting-edge approach.

Wai Cheung is a transformational coach and sought-after speaker who helps professionals align their heart and mind for rapid breakthroughs. Using a unique approach, he empowers clients to unleash their power and find their life's work.

Jean-Marc Degioanni

1.30pm - 1.50pm

Stress Free Living

Today, our living space is invaded by harmful energies and waves - such as 5G, electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress - which affect our lives, relationships, and business. Jean-Marc will show you how to remove them and live stress-free.

Jean-Marc Degioanni is a Healer, Naturopath and Nutritionist whose background is in natural remedies, spirituality and health. Throughout his years of experience, Jean-Marc has worked to help his patients by teaching them to re-discover, understand and empower their bodies, health and life in a natural way.

Sarah Bryer

2pm - 2.20pm

Confidence for Introverted Women

Introverted Women: Unlock Your Potential & Discover the Powerful You! Learn how to build confidence, explore success and unlock your potential. Take action & uncover the true individual inside you!

Sarah Bryer is a coach for introverted women who want to feel more confident in their lives. She has had 20 years experience looking after teams of people in corporate businesses. Sarah facilitates Group and Private Coaching.

Judith Quin

Judith Quin

2.30pm - 2.50pm 

Voice-Vibration & Crystal Bowl Sonic Meditation

Lose yourself in sound - let your own voice vibration combine with the crystal bowls and find silence even in sound.

Judith Quin liberates voices to liberate lives. Helping people release old energies, pains and patterns, speak up and be seen and heard. She is a speaker, author, creator of the Sound Your Voice oracle card deck, and member of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe.

Dawn Meadows

3pm - 3.40pm

Crystals For Empowerment, Enhancing Intuition & Protection

Crystals have an amazing energy: they work in harmony with our own energies and that of the environment we live in. Learn how you can work with the energy of crystals to bring balance, harmony, protection and abundance into your life.

Based in Colchester, Dawn Meadows has always been fascinated by the wonderful world of crystals, with a passion for the mineral kingdom. She has been on her spiritual crystal path for over 30 years, Dawn is very knowledgeable, an experienced crystal teacher and an intuitive crystal reader.

Wayne McHugh

4pm - 4.45pm - £5 entrance fee in aid of Emmaus Suffolk

Mediumship Demonstration

Wayne McHugh is an experienced medium and will be bringing his talent to our event.

Wayne McHugh is a spiritual teacher, life speaker, psychic medium, musician and song writer. Wayne has had  many enlightening spiritual experiences he encountered whilst working as a Paramedic.

Buy in advance to guarantee a seat - tickets also available on the door, but subject to limited availability

Sunday 17th September

11am - 11.20am 

How to heal your life

Jill Jesson has been a practising therapist for over 33 years and is a co-founder of Vitali-Chi, the breakthrough in healing, the Body Repair System

Jill Jesson has been a practising therapist for over 33 years and is a co-founder of Vitali-Chi, the breakthrough in healing, the Body Repair System.

Pete Jennings

11.30am - 11.50am

Pagan spiritual paths

What Paganism is and what it isn't. Varying UK paths including Witchcraft, Druidry, Heathenism, Shamanism, Eclecticism.

Pete Jennings - Retired President of the Pagan Federation, ex social worker and psychotherapist, author of over 25 books. He is a headline speaker at many major Pagan events in the UK and abroad.

Melissa Neisler Dickinson

12pm - 12.20pm

How to thrive during menopause

Menopause does not need be a negative experience, with the right support, women can thrive and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Melissa Neisler Dickinson is a passionate advocate for women's health and wellness during the menopause. As the founder of the Menopause Vitamin Company, she has become a trusted voice for women navigating this sometimes difficult phase of life.

Catherine Buchan

12.30pm - 12.50pm

Discover the 5 keys to burnout recovery 

Burnout is complex. Overcoming it can be challenging. In this talk Catherine will share tips on how to get started on the burnout recovery journey and reveal a simple, easy-to-follow “road map” for overcoming burnout. Includes Q & A.

The Compassion Doctor - Dr Catherine Buchan is an experienced psychologist, burnout coach and compassion teacher. She has worked as a therapist in the NHS and has personally experienced burnout. Catherine specialises in helping others recognise, prevent or recover from burnout and boost their well-being.

Steve Burgess

1pm - 1.20pm

The power of past life regression

An introduction to the fascinating world of past life regression.

Steve Burgess is one of the world's most experienced hypnotherapists and past life regression specialists, having facilitated over 15,000 sessions in a 31 year career. He offers online regression sessions and two published books on past life regression..

Tom McGahan

1.30pm - 1.50pm

The hidden power of breath

Explore the transformative power of breathwork. Discover ancient techniques merging with modern science to enhance well-being. Join me to harness breath's potential for relaxation, clarity, and vitality. Unleash a deeper connection to your breath and life itself.

Tom McGahan has 15 years of dedicated practice, in eastern esoteric practices, breathwork teacher Tom guides profound journeys  through ancient and modern techniques fuels a passion for guiding others toward healing, self-discovery, and empowerment through the art of conscious breathing.

Jane O'Riordan

2pm - 2.20pm

End of Life Doula Service

Doulas are the bookends of life - Just as a Birth Doula is there at the beginning, an End of Life Doula is there for the end. Meaning that the last months or weeks or days are compassionate, calm, natural and as normal as can be.

Jane O'Riordan is an end of life doula and has been supporting grieving people for six years. She is a champion for important conversations and challenging the stigma of talking about death and dying. She feels if we can plan for EOL we can get on living with our best life.

Giles Bryant

2.30pm - 2.50pm

How to heal and thrive with plants and wholefoods

Learn about the healing power of plants and how to bring their power into your life.

Giles Bryant has followed a plant-based diet for over 25 years.  He has written for magazines and journals on health and given talks around the world.  He grows a lot of food organically, presents Veganic Gardeners Question Time.

James Stevens

3pm - 3.40pm

Crystals and chakra balancing Interactive workshop

This crystal talk is going to give you a little bit more insight to what you can expect from using crystals in your every day life . I’ll also touch on the 7 chakras an how we can use crystals with our chakras. I will also touch on how Important it is to be grounded and share some of my methods with you. 

James Stevens  biggest passions is crystals. He has used them in his personal life to overcome many obstacles. James would like to share with you how you could do the same. He is trained in crystal therapy & reiki and he loves to combine the two therapies together.

4pm - 4.20pm

Synchronicities and the Shaman's call

In this talk Ben will share his remarkable spiritual journey as a nomad, whilst rebuilding his life after losing almost everything including his health. Whilst traveling Britain the MAGIC truly began as the spirit world guided him along his life path.

Ben Molyneux is a published author, professional photographer and community builder.

Edafe Capener

4.30pm - 4.50pm

Reflexology & energy

This is an interactive workshop that'll explore the invaluable role of energy in reflexology.

Edafe Capener is a Life Arts Reflexology graduate based in Colchester with excellent intuition, counselling, mentoring and coaching skills.