Workshop Experiences

Herbal Tea Blending Workshop with Jules Button

Are you a lover of nature, healing and herbal teas? If you are then this is the workshop for you.

You will become immersed in the power of herbs and how they can be used simply in everyday life. You will find out about herb lore sprinkled with some science and safety guidelines. Herbal teas have been consumed to help and support us for centuries, this workshop will guide you in blending your own Herbal Infusion. We will discuss the benefits and properties of up to 15 herbs and you will then be given the opportunity to blend your own herbal infusion for you to take home or to give to someone as a gift. You could create a herbal tea to help you relax, or one to aid digestion or an astrological tea that resonates with your Zodiac sign, or maybe you would just like to make a herbal infusion for fun!

Included in the workshop are all the herbs, blending equipment and container to take your tea away.

BIO: Jules Button has used herbs personally and professionally for over 35 years. She is the Teasmith and Herbologist for Tea Tubs and Woodbridge TeasJules also runs a Wellbeing practice that focuses on Naturopathy and Mental Health Wellbeing.

Jules Button

Bushcraft workshops - the art of natural fire lighting & whittling with Colin Wyatt

The bow drill is the most primitive yet very satisfying way to light a fire. Success depends on your effort. Then take your hand to whittling your own tent peg and mallet safely.

BIO: Colin Wyatt - Energy Healer. I work using various modalities of healing and reconnection with nature. Aside from my deeply spiritual work I am an Advanced Certified & Accredited EFT Practitioner, Qualified & Certified Level 2 in Bushcraft. I love sharing the knowledge I have acquired knowing we learn from one another

Qi Gong with Ruth Anderson

Gentle exercise from the Medicineless hospital in China to cultivate energy for health and happiness. No experience necessary, wear loose clothes and a smile!

BIO: Ruth Anderson has been studying Thai chi and chi kung for 40 years and trained in China and Europe. Her masters are Wei Chi Fen, Zhou Zhi Haou, Chen Lei, John Ding and Nigel Sutton. She is on an incredible journey, happy to meet other people on this path towards freedom and happiness.

Ruth Anderson

Sound and Meditation Journey with Wayne McHugh

Wayne will be hosting a Meditation experience using sound to take you on your own personal journey and allow the vibrations to bring about its own natural healing. This will be an opportunity for you to experience a different range of sounds through drumming, voice, gong and other instruments.

BIO: Wayne McHugh is a Spiritual teacher, life speaker, psychic medium, artist, musician and song writer. Wayne has had many enlightening spiritual experiences along his journey, often inspiring and empowering others to help find themselves to deepen their own connection. Wayne has a warming and caring charm about him and enjoys enabling others to be the best they can.

Wayne McHugh

Yoga sessions & learning to dowse with Cheryl Sayers

Our Yoga sessions will be based on Power Yoga of principal Yoga postures to build strength and flexibility. Taking in the surrounding area we will flow with nature and our own subtle energy of the Chakra system. Breathing exercises (Pranayama), concentration and learning of our inner pathways to health of body mind and spirit.

Dowsing: - You will learn how to use pendulums and dowsing rods for health and energy.

BIO: Cheryl Sayers has been a British Wheel of Yoga teacher for forty years. Born in South Africa, Cheryl learned to love nature and wildlife. Her father practised Yoga daily having lived in India, he was her role model. Cheryl is a Fitness professional, swimming teacher, holds the Award of Distinction in Lifesaving and Brown belt in Shorinyu Karate. Adventure and extreme Fitness challenges have taught her the power of mind and body. Cheryl lives in Cambridge.

Cheryl Sayers

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