Workshops, talks & demonstrations

Woodbridge Mind Body Spirit Festival 11-12th April 2020


1)  FREE however, on the door donations to Greenpeace would be gratefully received - they are helping to save our planet!

2) Children U16 FREE, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times

Saturday 11th

11am - 11.45am

45 minutes

Divine ascension programme of Caeayaron Introductory talk & healing

We are now in the great awakening times prophesied by the Great Father 2000 years ago. He has returned again now with his Sacred Word bringing messages from Divine through for all of Humanity giving us the great choice of the higher pathway.

Sandra Wosko I has worked as a healer for many years. In 2016 received my Lemurian Codes, rising in frequency, thus becoming a Star Sacred World Healer. In 2017 was magnetically attuned By Caeayaron to bring Angelic Frequencies for healing purposes.

12pm - 12.40pm

40 minutes

Astrology for beginners Introductory talk 

An understanding of what astrology is and what it can be used for. A brief description of the Signs, Houses and Planets with some interaction within the group dynamic.

Amanda Armstrong is a certified tarot consultant and teacher with clients worldwide. Notably Cambridge Market, Robinson and Wolfson Colleges Cambridge University, Strawberry Fair. My tarot workshops include a 4 hour astrology masterclass. Various lectures include Cambridge Spiritualist Church, Vleeshal Arts Centre, Netherlands and Cambridge Pagan Moot.

1pm - 1.30pm

30 minutes

CBD cannabis & what products work!  I​ntroductory talk 

While empirical data on CBD is scarce, healing claims cannot be ignored. But what really works and what CBD products are just gimmicks that are flooding the market? Jules will be discussing CBD products and what to be aware of.

Jules Button is a qualified Naturopath and has used Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Iridology, Herbal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition to assist people's wellbeing for over 25 years. She was founder of Rainbow Apothecary and is now owner of Woodbridge Emporium Books & Wellbeing Centre. 

1.45pm - 2.15pm

30 minutes

The many benefits of doTERRA essential oils  Introductory talk 

Jo shares how to implement doTERRA Essential Oils in your everyday life as a part of your natural health and wellbeing. There will be many tips shared and easy ways to use the oils.

Joanne Hunt from Oils by Jo loves to share the amazing therapeutic benefits of doTERRA Essential Oils. Jo got involved with these oils through her 2 daughters and has never looked back.

2.30pm - 3.15pm

45 minutes

Pranic healing for modern day living Introductory talk & healing

The talk is one on Ancient techniques for Modern Day Living - Revealing how Pranic Healing can transform the way we think about ourselves, others and the world around us.

Vince O'Brien and his partner are fully trained Pranic Therapists who specialize in the arts of energy healing techniques with over 7 years’ experience, providing treatments at healing clinics, relaxation sessions, seminars and self-development programs within the local community.

3.30pm - 4.30pm

1 hour

Drumming workshop for all - especially the child within! Interactive workshop

Gemma presents a facilitated drum circle. It’s fun, exciting and a powerful way to bring individuals together through music using a variety of drums and percussion. A facilitated drum circle promotes a safe, stress free and entertaining environment to empower participants.

As the participants relax, enjoy and explore the music, their natural creativity and curiosity emerges and the rhythms grow and change.

Ages 6+ with accompanying adult.

Gemma Brown is the co-founder of Wooden Roots Ltd, a family owned and operated business based on the old American RAF Base on Bentwaters Parks in Rendlesham. We have a 2000 sq. foot unit which houses a couple of studios, a drum shop and a workshop. We have drumming and crafting all under one roof where creatives can collect and collaborate!

Sunday 12th

11am - 11.40am

40 minutes

Am I psychic? You may surprise yourself! Interactive workshop

​A short introduction looking at your potential to be psychic. You may well surprise yourself.

Kevin Doe has spent many years on his own spiritual  journey, studying many fields of interest  from religions around the globe to shamanism.

12pm - 12.45pm

45 minutes

Crystals & how to connect with them Interactive workshop

An introduction to to crystals and their application in every day life. Covering how to connect with crystals, cleanse them and day to day ways to use them.

Naomi Tamayama first discovered crystals as a child, which started with her finding treasures on her travels in childhood. This passion carried forward into her adult life where she's studied a range of complementary therapies including crystals, minerals and fossils, and their applications in day to day life.

1pm - 1.45pm

45 minutes

Spirit communication Mediumship demonstration

Maureen Flynn brings humour and evidence from the spirit world which she so loves to do, giving proof of communication but assuring that we too will survive death.

Maureen Flynn is known for her accuracy, honesty and sensitivity when communicating with spirit. She has had her gift since childhood and has brought proof and comfort to thousands all over the world. She is an author. musician, teacher and life coach.

2pm - 2.45pm


Journey to calm Interactive workshop

It’s an interactive workshop where you will be shown de stress techniques and calming methods. It includes a short calming meditation.

Joanne Rose has been a meditation advocate and hypnotherapist for over 20 years now - I can help you access your inner being to find your sense of calm and joy using the power of your own mind and body.

Wayne McHugh

3pm - 3.45pm

45 minutes

Sound and Meditation Journey Interactive workshop

Wayne will be hosting a Meditation Experience using sound to “let go of what no longer serves you, evoking love”. This will be an opportunity to experience a sound journey personal to you through drumming, voice and other instruments through this journey.

Wayne McHugh is a spiritual teacher, life speaker,psychic medium, musician and song writer. Wayne has had  many enlightening spiritual experiences he encountered whilst working as a Paramedic.

4pm - 4.45pm

45 minutes

West African drum class Interactive workshop

Marcus provides a free intro session to Traditional West African drumming. Why not come to this free class and see for yourself how drumming can change your life. Learn all about the Djembe (Jem-bay) and understand class etiquette, what a 'bass, tone & slap' is and be prepared to add drumming to your new list of hobbies. Ages 16+

Marcus Brown is the co-founder of Wooden Roots Ltd, a family owned and operated business based on the old American RAF Base on Bentwaters Parks in Rendlesham. We have a 2000 sq. foot unit which houses a couple of studios, a drum shop and a workshop. We have drumming and crafting all under one roof where creatives can collect and collaborate!