Workshops, talks and demonstrations

Colchester 16 -17 October 2021

Here is a taster of what's on, more details soon ...

Jill Jesson

Start time TBN

40 minutes

How To Heal Your Life Introductory talk 

Jill Jesson gives you an easy step by step process to...heal your life.

Jill Jesson has been a practising therapist for over 33 years and has developed the Vitali-Chi System and product range.

Paul KIng

Start time TBN

30 minutes

Meditation for the modern world Introductory talk 

‘You have the seed of wisdom within you’. That is what all spiritual and religious teachings tell us. Using recent research and ancient teachings, Abbot Paul King will explain how you can use meditation to uncover this inner wisdom and improve your life.

Paul king was responsible for bringing World recognized Buddhist Master Dechan Jueren to England for the first time in 2007.  In the following 3 years Paul was taught directly by Dechan Jueren, in England, Ireland, America and most recently in China, where he spent 100 days in intensive study, including time at the World-renowned Shaolin temple.

Michelle Paterson

SATURDAY - Start time TBN

40 minutes

Take back control of those pesky hormones! Informative talk workshop

So much of how we feel (physically and mentally) is regulated by our hormones – including sleep, appetite, energy, mood and sex drive. If you sometimes feel at the mercy of your hormones, come along and learn some simple steps to help you take back control! 

Michelle Paterson is a registered nutritional therapist, health coach and member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine. Michelle specialises in supporting people who are feeling stressed, depressed or out of balance to understand and heal the root causes.

Maureen Flynn

Maureen Flynn

Start time TBN

50 minutes

Spirit communication Mediumship demonstration

Maureen Flynn brings humour and evidence from the spirit world which she so loves to do, giving proof of communication but assuring that we too will survive death.

Maureen Flynn is known for her accuracy, honesty and sensitivity when communicating with spirit. She has had her gift since childhood and has brought proof and comfort to thousands all over the world. She is an author. musician, teacher and life coach.

Linda Jane Williamson

Start time TBN

30 minutes

Wakey, Wake-Up, Rise & Shine! Introductory talk 

How Linda embraced the challenges following a near fatal heart attack and holistically overcame the emotional and the physical hurdles of a very different lifestyle and now goes so far as to say The heart attack saved my life".

Linda Jane Williamson was a medical secretary turned high flying London YUPPIE, turned Pub Landlady, turned Holistic Practitioner and Teacher, turned Author. Linda lives in the Malaga mountains going with the flow of Universal energies and is a passionate and Tiggeresque lover of life.

More workshop, talk & demos being added very soon ...