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*NEW* Holistic Nights-in starting 26th January, then every Tuesday 8pm to 10pm!

Tuesday 26th January - 9.10pm: Psychic Readings with Metin Medium


Metin Medium is a highly gifted psychic medium whose accurate readings have been giving immense comfort to people through this difficult period.

This session will be limited to a maximum of 5 people and each person will receive a mini-reading.

As we are reliant on a loved one in spirit coming through for you, our guarantee to you is that if you don't receive a message you will be invited to join a future session free of charge.

Tuesday 2nd February - 8pm to 8.55pm: Tarot & Oracle card Mini-Readings

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Liz, a professional Tarot reader and author uses the wisdom of Tarot to help you make sense of your own unique journey. Her readings provide clarity in difficult situations.

Using psychic intuition she ensures questions are answered.

Tuesday 2nd February - 9.05pm to 10pm: Find Calm amidst the Chaos with Melanie - includes a mini-reading

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Join Melanie Wellard for a Psychic and Personal Development workshop to help you gain some calm and clarity.

Each person will be given a personal mini-reading, gifted with a personal affirmation to use daily in the days ahead, and a group guided meditation to help you discover your next steps forward.

Tuesday 9th February - 8pm to 8.55pm: Laughter Yoga - Laugh your way to well being

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Laughter is the best medicine, it really is. When we laugh there are changes to our minds and body, a reduction in our stress and a rise in our happy hormones.   During this session you will learn about the positive effect of laughter on our health and wellbeing and how to bring more laughter into your life. Based on Laughter Yoga, we will practise yogic breathing, playful, gentle laughter exercises and end with a Yoga Nidra based relaxation.   The session can be done seated and there are no age or fitness barriers to joining in, all you need is a willingness to have a go.

Cheryl is an experienced Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Therapist.

Tuesday 9th February - 9.05pm to 10pm: Chakra balancing  meditation and  practical chakra care tips with Tom Thomasson

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A 30 minute meditation to balance the 7 major chakras, followed by my best tips for simple actions that will benefit your chakra health every single day.

Includes an Mp3 of the meditation and guidance on how to incorporate this practice into everyday life.

Tuesday 16th February - 8pm to 8.55pm: Everyday use of Crystals with Naomi from Maddogg Designs

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Naomi from Maddogg Designs is incredibly knowledgeable about crystals and how to use them, and is a regular at our events. In this session she will be covering...

  • How to choose crystals
  • How to cleanse and connect with them
  • How to carry or wear them or place in your home
  • Everyday uses of crystals

Naomi stocks a huge range of crystals, minerals and fossils - all hand picked and waiting for their new home. 

Tuesday 16th February - 9.05pm to 10pm: Connecting to Spirit Guides and Angels with Joylina

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In this workshop you will learn the difference between Spirit Guides and Angels, what they are each responsible for, how to raise your vibrations to the different levels to connect to them and receive messages for your own and others guidance so you can go forward to living a successful, loving and rewarding life.

You will also receive free copies of the meditations used plus 50% off all of Joylina's products and services bought on the night.

Joylina has been a professional spiritual adviser and teacher for over 20 years. She is a renowned angel expert and author of the acclaimed Your Angel Journey as well as a number of other books. She was President to the British Astrological and Psychic Society and as Esoteric Schools Director was in charge of updating their complete training programme. She has worked all over the world , leading workshops, training courses, retreats, spiritual holidays and doing Angel, Soul, Tarot & Clairvoyant readings.

Tuesday 23rd February - 8pm to 8.55pm: Learn how Ancient Wisdom can improve your meditation practice

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Most Meditators will say they are trying to achieve an inner Peace/Stillness. But according to the I Ching the 5000 year old Book fo Chinese Wisdom, there is a fundamental difference between Peace and Stillness which when understood can increase the power and depth of your meditation practice.

In this Workshop Abbot Paul King will give a presentation clearly explaining the difference between the two. He will then teach and guide a simple effective meditation that incorporates these principles which will enable every participant to experience the power of this Wisdom within just 10 minutes.

Includes an Mp3 of the meditation and guidance on how to incorporate this practice into everyday life.

More details coming soon on Holistic Nights-in - watch this space!

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Are you interested in health, wellbeing and spirituality? Regardless of where you are on your journey, a Life Arts wellbeing & mind body spirit festival is a place to experience more of the joy, peace and healing that you truly are. You can enjoy therapies, workshops and guided meditations or browse the diverse stalls and exhibits. Each event is a unique and uplifting festival of live acts, well being guidance, health advice and much more.

By the end of the day, you will feel uplifted, de-stressed, more informed and on your way to leading a better life.

11-12th September 2021

Woodbridge Mind Body Spirit Festival is back for its 20th year. 40-60% of all events line-ups are changed each time to keep them fresh and enlightening - with every exhibitor specially selected.                       

Chelmsford Festival

5th & 6th June 2021

Mind Body Spirit & Wellbeing Festival at Chelmsford City Racecourse is all about you and how you can live a better life. Our largest event with 111+  stands. Come and start to build that new life!

16th & 17th October 2021

Be inspired and energised at Colchester Mind Body Spirit Festival as we bring you wide ranging specially selected exhibitors. This event will be in its 7th year running and attracts approaching 1,000 visitors.

A mind body spirit festival is a great opportunity to try out new things in a relaxed, safe environment with experienced professionals to guide you. 

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