Trinity Park Talks & Workshops

See who is delivering talks & workshops at ur Woodbridge festival this year. 


9am to 10.20am

A New Approach to Yoga

Advance ticket only – E/Bird Yoga class & Day pass £10

Try new approaches to your yoga practice. Find motivation and realise potential within the bounds of what you as an individual could realistically achieve. Enjoy a holistic approach and learn how laughter is essential to every personal journey.

Creative spirit Hazel Baldwin is always crafting new holistic encounters with yoga, so you can get a real taste of how the practices which have changed her life can enrich yours.

10.40am to 11.20am

What's Your Number?

Numerology Taster Talk: Exploring the intriguing world of numbers. Gain insights into human nature and discover how your number impact your relationships, careers, challenges, and opportunities. Numerology unveils the energies shaping your life, providing valuable insights into strengths, potential challenges and growth.

Michèlè-Zenithy has a rich NHS career in emotional well-being, Connaissance School of Numerology graduate, specialising in Esoteric Numerology & Tarot. I provide insightful, honest readings with a balanced touch of humour. Let’s explore the present moment and navigate new approaches together.

11.30am to 11.50am

The Power of Medicinal Mushrooms

Join Juliette as she guides you through the world of medicinal mushrooms in an easy to understand way. Explaining the numerous health benefits and ways to work with the mushrooms.

Juliette Bryant is a leading figure in the field of health transformation. She has travelled the world seeking out and studying the most effective tools for achieving good health and healing.

12.00pm to 12.20pm

How to release an Emotion

I will show you how to release an emotion yourself so that you can help to heal yourself  This will give you the tools to help you learn this and move forward in life.

Shirley Canham runs a business called Holistic Health Suffolk that helps people to release emotions that they have collected over the years and even ancestral baggage. I have changed my world by using this technique.

12.30pm to 1.00pm

Keep up your well-being with bioresonance

Learn to manage your health, body and spirit in a natural, safe and effective way by using bioresonance (frequency) devices.

Inna Kushnirova is a leading bioresonance therapist, International Alternative Medicine Association (IAMA) member, medical practitioner with 12 years bioresonance therapy experience.

1.10pm to 1.50pm

A Sound Bath

Using an array of sound healing instruments along with a free shot of ceremonial cacao.

Colin Wyatt is a sound healer & focuses his instruments primarily of the frequency of 432Hz.  This frequency helps balance the body, mind & reconnects is with nature. Added with ceremonial cacao, participants to Colin’s sound baths have also reported profound healing experiences.

2.00pm to 2.20pm

Crystals for Abundance & Mental Health

Dawn will advise you on which crystals to use for abundance and mental health.

Dawn Meadows has been on her crystal path for nearly 30 years, being very knowledgeable and intuitive, she has created her own crystal cards, plus an array of workshops and accredited courses. Dawn also channelled her own method of crystal readings. 

2.30pm to 2.50pm

Indies Fight for a Flower

I would like to discuss the harsh reality of many patients including my daughter who use medical cannabis and why it’s so difficult for patients to access what they need. How to choose products that can help you and how to identify good CBD companies within the U.K. market. 

Tannine Montgomery is a medical cannabis campaigner and mother to an epilepsy warrior. Director and owner of Sweet Pink CBD bringing the highest quality cannabis product to the market.

3.00pm to 3.40pm

Sounds Like Self Love: Saying Yes." & "No."

Self-love sounds like your ability to make the right choices for you.  Explore how your voice is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings & experiences. Improve your confidence in making choices and your ability to say ‘Yes’ to life and ‘No’ to others’ requests.

Judith Quin liberates voices to liberate lives. Helping people release old energies, pains and patterns, speak up and be seen and heard. She is a speaker, author, creator of the Sound Your Voice oracle card deck, and member of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe.

4.00pm to 4.40pm

Understanding your brain for better mental health

Uncover the mysteries of your mind and its impact on mental health. Gain practical insights into how your brain functions, affecting emotions like anxiety, depression, and anger. It’s a straightforward guide to understanding, controlling and improving your mental health and well-being.

Maria Sanders is a fully qualified accredited clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. I work from a cosy therapy room in Essex or online from the comfort of your own home. I help you become more confident, resilient and empowered.

4.00pm to 4.40pm

Earth’s Healing and Restoration

How a pathway for earth’s restoration could bring humanity into peace.

Sandra-Jayne Wosko

4.00pm to 4.40pm

How to Thrive During Menopause

Menopause does not need be a negative experience, with the right support, women can thrive and achieve more than they ever thought possible. 

Melissa Neisler Dickinson is a passionate advocate for women’s health and wellness during the menopause. As the founder of the Menopause Vitamin Company, she has become a trusted voice for women navigating this sometimes difficult phase of life.

4.00pm to 4.40pm

Quantum Iris Analysis

This talk, illustrated with slides, introduces Iridology and a holistic guide to understanding yourself, your health patterns, your personality and you path in life.

 Peter Jackson-Main has been involved in Natural Healing for more than 40 years.  His book Practical Iridology (2004) was republished in 2023, and will be followed by, The Mind’s Eye”.